Wednesday, 14 May 2008

How disappointing!

Walking along one of Annecy's main streets today, I was amazed to see a Subway being fitted out. What a shame to see this in the centre ville, which has until now been free from multi-national junk food outlets. Even the nearest McDonalds is a bus-ride away. And really, if they had to put in something, couldn't it have been a KFC!


Jennie said...

SUBWAY?? I love Subway! I miss it so much!!! I wish it weren't being put into the centre ville though, but rather in Epagny. Keep those ugly American style shops out of Annecy proper!

Justin said...

Mmm I would love a Subway in my town... can you mail me a foot long BMT with extra cheese, pickles, olives, tomato and the southwest sauce? That would make my night!

Emily said...

What about Quick in Bonlieu? That's a horrible chain too.

I used to eat at Subway, but am boycotting it coming to Annecy. :(

Penny said...

You're right Emily! I wasn't including them as I thought at least they were a french company, but they are not! Apparently they are Belgian - shows how well travelled I am! I really will try hard to boycott Subway, but Justin's post got me thinking about their honey/mustard dressing. No, I really must stick with a plain baguette jambon blanc from anywhere else :)

Jennie - at least its not going smack in the vielle ville though :)

Justin - I would if I could :)

Dominique said...

We have a Subway in Vieux Lyon ! A pub manager I know (who would love to open a fish and chips - now that would be nice) says it took them ages to get planning permission. I presume once they had met certain criteria, permission could not be witheld.
It looks seriously bad and people dont seem to go there (that the comment from my 17 years old)


Rupal said...

Penny - I have been struggling with my love-hate relationship of all things fast food and american here in Mexico - and everywhere around the world. My personal issue is Starbucks and Walmart/Home Depot. While they are great for making me feel at home anywhere in the world (and especially since I have had a tough time adjusting to living outside the States) and meet my personal needs, I hate that these places make the entire world homogenous.

That being said, every once in a while I do wish we had a decent sub place around here!