Saturday, 24 May 2008

Fête du Jeu

I'm getting much better at the french way of doing things. Like going out late in the afternoon, instead of heading home at 430pm to start getting dinner ready. Today's outing was to a festival of games held in the Centre Bonlieu and a nice little park just behind it. We'd been watching them make and put up the amazing decorations inside for the last few days. Beautiful long purple curtains and moroccan style designs. On the floor, were dozens of games for kids - lego, meccano, and puzzles to name a few. Jasper and Lily had fun building houses out of some giant bricks.

Then we headed outside for more fun. There was a giant sand pit or rather, mountain with lots of toys to play with. Also a fishing game, quoits, climbing gym, boats to pull around in the fountain, ride on cars and some amazing musical acts. It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

And as if that wasn't enough, on the way home we popped into the final day of the Morbihan Tour 2008, a festival of the south coast of Bretagne (Brittany). I passed on the fresh oysters but we listened to some wonderful celtic music. Lily had a great time running, skipping and dancing around at the front with her friends. The music reminded me a lot of Ireland - well, if they hadnt been singing in french, that is.

My kids are always the grottiest!


Milie said...

That's funny Penny, I'm doing exactly the opposite: staying at home to prepare dinner and go to bed early to wake up early, instead of what we do in France...funny to see how we adapt to our environments ;-)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We should all live the French way. Here in the UK it is all rush rush rush. Shops shut mostly at 5.30 unless you are one of the huge supermarkets..

I would much rather we had European hours...

The festivals sound great...your children look like they are having a great time!!!

Rosebank Magic said...

Re: My kids are always the grottiest - maybe that is the Australian coming out in them. They look as though they are having alot of fun.

Penny said...

It is funny Milie, how we have both changed :)

Anne - I do prefer the slower life here. Although, if I worked in a shop and didnt get to go home till 700, I probably wouldnt