Thursday, 22 May 2008

A day of firsts

So I went to my first french yoga class today and Jasper stayed for an hour at the MJC without me. All up, I think it went pretty well. He didn't cry when I left and apparently only cried a little on and off during most of the hour I was gone. Except for the last ten minutes. When another mum arrived, he thought it was all the mums coming back from yoga and was really upset when I didn't come in. When I did return, he was sitting on the teacher's lap, crying but having a cuddle and holding his doudou. He really could not have been in better hands. He was pretty distraught when he saw me, but calmed down after a while and I think it was a good first try. Even the teacher said she was very proud of him! I'll probably put him in the halte-garderie in September if I can get a spot.

As for the yoga, it was a really nice class. It took me a while to get into it as I was worried about Jasper at the start and I had to concentrate on what she was saying. I understood most of the instructions though and at least I listened during the relaxation at the end rather than just switching off and thinking about other things, like I normally do. And the best news, this instructor is starting a new course at the MJC closeby in September. I can't wait!

For those who'd like a bit of easy french practice, check out what Steph had to say about the class.


Justin said...

Congrats to all of you! Those are some big steps all in one day.

I know what you mean about zoning out. I do it so easily here. I usually don't mind to, and it seems like every time I do, someone asks me a question. So I am pretty good at saying "sorry, I was not listening".

Penny said...

Thanks Justin :)

steph said...

j'ai presque tout compris :)
c'est ok pour septembre alors? super!!! bises Penny et bon week-end.

Penny said...

Bravo Steph - je pense que tu peux parler avec moi en anglais maintenant, non? ;-). Oui, Davide a dit qu'il va garder les loulous pendant la cours de yoga!

Emily said...

Hooray for both of you, Penny! For Jasper who survived the daycare and for you for understanding yoga in French. :)