Saturday, 26 April 2008

Le Château de Menthon- St Bernard

We took a nice trip to Menthon-St Bernard yesterday to celebrate my birthday. It was the first time I'd been there. We usually decide to go on Sundays when the bus doesn't run! After a walk near the lake we had a yummy lunch of steak and chips with green peppercorn sauce. To work all of that off we headed up to the Chateau. We knew it would be closed so we will have to go back another day to look inside but it was a fun hike up the hill, especially as we choose to cut across the paddocks instead of up the lovely cobbled path.

An icecream on the Paquier

In his new sunnies, checking out the clouds


Justin said...


Looks like you had a wonderful day.

Rosebank Magic said...

Great photos - you can certainly see that spring has arrived.
Groovy Jasper!

Emily said...

Happy birthday!

misschris said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like a great day. I used to live right near the chateau so you brought back some good memories.

Penny said...


Misschris - glad I could oblige - I loved your photos of the Yucatan for the same reason :)