Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man

We had a wonderful day today for Jasper's second birthday. After opening some presents, we took a one hour boat cruise on the lake. It was a gorgeous day and a really relaxing trip. Then we celebrated with a few little friends at home in the afternoon. The kids all had a great time, I think, and it was really nice to welcome some friends into our home to celebrate with us. Happy Birthday Jas!


Rosebank Magic said...

They're great! It's lovely to have a photo of all of you together. Jasper looks quite bemused by it all but I'm pleased that he finally enjoyed his trip on the lake.The caked came up well after all.

Guera said...

Happy Birthday Jasper!
Looks like a fun day and the cake looks great - recognise that out of the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book, right? The pool or cricket ground or something like that?!

Anonymous said...

Thandie is most impressed with the little animals on the cake - i used the animals from her zoo set last time i made this cake, i feel like i cheated, it looks great!!

Glad Jas had a great day, give him a big birthday hug and kiss from us.


Anonymous said...

OMG he is darling, Penny! I so remember him at 6 months old in his wee cast...what a lovely boy. He is so big now, and so fair-haired. Looks a lot like Lily but lighter - total cutie. And I love the cake you did! clmama

Le Tigre in France said...

Looks like it was a lovely day. Some really nice pics. Good work on the cake btw!

Emily said...

Happy birthday Jasper!

steph said...

un bel anniversaire...nous avons passé un bien agréable moment; encore merci! et félicitations pour ton gâteau Penny, il était super beau et super bon aussi :-)
Bisous à toute la famille et à très bientôt!

Abigail said...

the cake looked awesome!

happy to your boy..

cheers from mexico..

Penny said...

Mum - he was a bit bemused when we sang Happy birthday twice - once in french and once in english and we had to help him with the candles but he had a good time

Guera - Spot on! The WW does a lot of round cakes with batonnets around the edge

Thanks Kate and thanks for the card - it was gorgeous. The animals came from a little cake decorating shop and were solid sugar. We cut all their heads off to share them around amongst all the kids!

Thanks CL - I think they are getting more and more similar in looks as he gets older

Steph - merci à toi! Les enfants ont joué beaucoup avec leur nouveaux cadeaux - ils sont génial! Et n'inquiete pas, je n'ai pas oublié ton "tague". Je vais l'essayer bientôt. Bonne vacances :)

Thanks le Tigre, Emily and Abigail


Function of Time said...

Looked like a very fun day indeed.

The Late Bloomer said...

Such adorable photos! I love them all. Happy Belated Birthday to little man Jasper, such a cutie.

JoJK said...

Two! It's a big milestone.

Happy Birthday Jasper!

Our Rafael and Steph's Bren are two-and-half and three. Just to remind you of what is coming Pen..."I want it, No, Let me have it, No I not want it now, Give it to me, Put it back"...all with accompanying tantrum. On the bright side, for you it will probably be Non! Oui! Non!... the tantrum will probably be much the same. I realize it's all about independence - but sometimes, no matter how many interesting little jobs you find and how charming you are, it starts up.

I read something gorgeous about adding a voice to the item you are attempting to sell: eg. "We're peas, eat us, eat us"...or..."Put me on, I would love to keep your warm today". Rafael was not amused even though the big boys were. You might find it helps, when your time comes.

(I do hope you have read Stella Gibbons' Cold Comfort Farm from whom I've pinched that line 'child, child, ours is doomed house...who shall help us when our time comes.' It is the funniest book in the world.)

Love Jo

screamish said...

Hey nice cake!!! I want one for my next birthday..JUST like that....

Milie said...

They are really cute your kids Penny!
Good to hear that it was a great moment for everyone.
Penny, I've tagged you. Of course, you can answer in english ;-0