Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Le Tigre in France said...

Oh wow, that's a challenging meme! Thanks for tagging me, I'll see if I can do it after I've decoded your responses! See, told you my French was bad!

That is one nice full fridge! Ours is a little sad and empty right now, lol.

Penny said...

I know - its long! It took me a while to do, but if you do it, only choose one, ok? Not both! Good luck trying to understand my responses. I tried to get David to check them but he was busy and wasn't really into it. And yeah, I waited till there was some food in the fridge :)

steph said...

merci Penny, c'est sympa d'avoir répondu :)

French for a While said...

Ummmm. I'm going to need a little translation if I am going to play this game. By the end of the summer I'll be up to speed on my French (in an ideal world!!)

Penny said...

Ok, French for a while, here goes (this will help my mum too when she comes to read it later!)

For the first meme, answer the following questions by choosing a photo and then send it to 6 other unsuspecting bloggers!
What would you be if you were an animal?
What's your favourite colour?
What's your morning drink? (We already know that one!)
What's your favourite food?
What's your favourite object?
What place would you like to visit?

The second one is Fridge Tag!
Take a photo of your fridge (interior and exterior)
Tell us how many cooking books you have?
Tell us how often you use recipes (weekly, monthly, yearly)
Tell us your speciality?
Tell us what you had for lunch today?
Send it to 3 other gourmet-bloggers?

Why is it that memes always sound a bit like chain letters? As I said, dont worry if you dont feel like doing it :)

Penny said...

Steph - c'est moi qui doit te remercier. C'etais des bonnes devoirs!


Rosebank Magic said...

I'm getting the idea - but now I need to know what a meme is?
These puzzles are just a bit too much for me when I read your blog, which is when I get up in the morning usually at about 6.00 It is nice to see the jacarandah in full bloom, it would be a welcome sight now especially with another 100 mls of rain bearing down on us today.

Rosebank Magic said...

Oooops, forgot to say, I will get my phrase book out and see what I can do!

Guera said...

Well done Penny! Very impressive!

(I'm secretly chuffed because I understood it all. Even before reading your translation! Maybe my French isn't as rusty as I thought)

And the cheese looks yummy. :)

Milie said...

Penny, that's awesome! Bravoooo for writing all the article in french! You also used the accents, well done. And thanks for replying to this Fridge tag!
14 cooking books, waouh!!! That's a lot, but I was sure you had a lot. Also, I'm happy to see that you like cheese, your region has very good ones (I'm jealous!).

La casa nella prateria said...

Wow! Je ne savais pas que ton français était aussi bon! Bravo!

Emily said...

Look at you! That tartiflette looks gooooood.

Thank you for thinking of me. I'm so bad at doing memes. Why are they called memes, btw?

Anonymous said...

Love the French post Penny well done!! And you so didn't need to have David check it - i'll bet there wasn't much that needed changing. You'd never know that you'd only been there almost a year.

Glad the card got there - it was Thandie's first pop up card she was a bit excited to make one! She already started on my mothers day card - i think we're on draft numer 4, she's a bit of a perfectionist!

Chat soon

Penny said...

Emily - I'm bad at them too! I dont know how the term meme came to be used for blogging. You can look up meme in wikipedia and it explains how Richard Dawkins coined the term - I even had trouble understanding that before I'd had a cup of coffee this morning :)

Space Mom said...

Lovely! I understood about 40% without translating, and the rest I needed to read in English before I understood it (I mean I read the French, translated the French words to English and THEN figured it out).

You simply MUST find a way to Mont St. Michel! It is amazing! I went there in High School!

Penny said...

Well done Guera and Spacemom!


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