Friday, 14 March 2008

Vente privée

"I'm going to a lingerie party tonight", I announced to a french friend at the park this morning.
"A what?", she asked.
"A lingerie party, you know, a private sale of lingerie?"
"Of what?" she asked again.
"Lingerie" I repeated, saying it slowly lon-jer-ay, thinking, "how can she not know what lingerie is? She's french, after all".
"Les sous-vêtements," I tried again when she looked at me blanky.
"Oh, lingerie", she replied, pronouncing it in french as lan-jer-ee, as opposed to the english pronunciation I had inadvertently used.

Isnt it funny that the english langauge takes a word from the french, and then instead of pronouncing it correctly, turns it completely arse-about. No wonder she didnt know what I was talking about.

Frankly (or franchement - what a great word!) I'm not sure about going. I only know one or two people who might be there and I'm a bit nervous. But having blogged about it, I guess I'll have to go now...


Anonymous said...

Have fun!

steph said...

Hello Penny!
Je suis très contente que tu sois venue hier soir; j'espère que toi aussi tu as passé un bon moment. je te découvre un peu je vais prendre le temps de lire les posts de ton blog...en plus ça va me faire travailler mon anglais, ce qui ne fera pas de mal ;-).
A très vite Penny,
à la MJC ou dans la blogosphère. mon blog:
bises et bon week-end! steph.

screamish said...

Oh yeah, isntit crazy the way you mispronounce one thing and they don't understand any one the word. Mind you, there's plenty of English speakers just as blocked minded.

I didn't know the French did lingerie parties...thought it was an English/american thing!

Andromeda said...

this has been a hard word for me to, and it makes no sense why english decided to say it different. also "lieutenant" and "colonel". at least we say "corps" and "ballet" right . . . i think!

Le Tigre said...

Hope it's fun! Yeah, we've massacared the French language in a number of ways..but then vice versa for the French. Sometimes I'll hear a word an then go "oh! such and such" in my Anglophile accent and the Frenchie will be really annoyed "yes! that's what I said!". lol.

Penny said...

Salut Steph

J'ai passé une très bonne soirée, merci! Et c'etait super a recontrer des blogueses françaises

A bientôt :)

Damocamelia said...

I am sure you had a great time as Steph is a very welcoming person !(and a friend of mine )

Your anedocte made me laugh...
I remember having a hard time with the simple word "France" in front of Californian kids....

Penny said...

Damocamelia - you are right. I had a great time! Steph is a very friendly hostess :). And "France" - yep, the english version of the word has little in common with the french one! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)