Monday, 10 March 2008

Délicieux ou remboursé!

Finally something blogworthy - its been a bit quiet here of late - just getting on with life, I guess.

David did some shopping and bought home some compote today. Not an unusual purchase as I still buy it occasionally to hide a dose of iron in for Jasper. But no, David bought it as he wanted to show me the label, which advertised a "delicious or your money back" offer. A pretty normal marketing gimmick but turn it over and read the fine print and your head starts spinning.

You had to
- buy your not-delicious-enough compote before the 16th May
- compose a letter describing your dissatisfaction (of at least 10 lines minimum on A4 paper)
- enclose your name, address, packaging, receipt and your RIB (bank account details) so they can credit your account
- send all this in a sufficiently stamped envelope not more than 8 days after your purchase

So lets think about this - 10 lines on A4 paper to describe why you don't like a tub of compote. You cant just say "your compote sucks" and be done with it. I wonder how many people will take them up on it? Then again, if you've grown up all your life with this kind of red tape maybe 10 lines on why you don't like compote doesn't seem like much of a challenge at all. Its almost worth doing, just to see if I'd really get reimbursed. It would certainly be good french practice. I wonder if he kept the receipt...

compote - apple purée


Function of Time said...

*LOL* The line "this compote sucks" made me laugh.

I totally agree with you. How often will someone do all that just for a sucky product.

Le Tigre said...

I echo function of time's LOL. I remember ringing a toll free hotline for Arnott's biscuits once because we were missing a chocolate biscuit in the pack. They sent us out a new packet of biscuits no questions asked.

My father is a huge lover of writing complaint letters so he has recieved loads of stuff free...

Justin said...

Oh, my colleagues would have no problems discussing all the reasons they hate something. Seriously, they usually spend an hour at lunch complaining about anything... The cafeteria changed the mustard packets one day, now that was an enthralling day to eat with them!

Anonymous said...

I just want to see how you translate 'it sucks' in equally colloquial French! But you're right it would be a great language exercise - you'd find lots of new synonyms!


Justin said...

From what I can find:

It/That sucks = Ça craint

Flat Stanley in France said...

That's HILARIOUS!! French bureaucracy in a whole different light... Serious now.. I think it would just write, "This composte sucks, I'll never buy it again and take your remboursement and shove it!!" I'm sooo nice... It just seems like a whole heck of a lot of work just for a reimbursement, don't you think?