Saturday, 15 March 2008

Carnaval Ville d'Annecy

Hang on, I hear you say, I thought you just had a carnaval. Ah yes, but that was the Venetian Carnaval, this is another one altogether! A great excuse for all the kids (and grown-ups) to get dressed up and parade through town. The littlies had their own carnaval in the morning. It was so cute - you've never seen so many spidermen (say it with me the french way spee-der-man) and fairies. Our Lily happily donned her wings and joined the parade. She did very well considering she was partnered with a grande who was having a bad day. There were a number of parents déguisés who joined the parade to help and the rest of us just followed them around the centre ville, oohing and aahing and taking heaps of photos!

The afternoon parade started at 230pm at which time I was soundly asleep having worn myself out organizing costumes and baking fairy cakes for the cake stall (which apparently sold as soon as they hit the table!). So after our sieste we headed to the Jardins de l'Europe to see what we had missed. There was some great african sounding music and drumming and enormous puppets. Another wonderful festival in Annecy!

Notre fée

In the vielle ville

This one reminded me a bit of Sarko!

And best of all, the horsies are back

grande - a kid from the grande section of the maternelle
déguisés - dressed up
sieste - nap


steph said...

je découvre ta petite fée; très jolie!
on a hésité à y aller et finalement non!! l'année prochaine sûrement.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe this is your life, Penny - remarkable; brilliant; it seems like vacation all the time when I read you and see your photos, no? XO CLMama

Penny said...

CLmama - it is a really cool place to live :)

À bientôt Steph :)