Friday, 22 February 2008

What a day!

We had a great day at Beauregard yesterday. It was our first day going out to ski as a family and it was a great indication of things to come in the future. Its hard though, getting around a ski resort with three sets of skis and stocks and two little kids.

We went up in the télécabine and then split up to try and get Lily skiing. I left my skis at the top and walked with Lily down the side of a blue run (which was very gentle at that part) while she got a feel for being on skis again. David took off skiing holding Jasper. We all met up at the bottom in a little jardin d'enfants. We've seen a few of these around but they are often like creches where the parents can leave their kids to practice some gentle skiing with toys and a relatively easy rope-lift for the kids to use. But this one was public and it was just what Lily needed. She had refused to go to the jardin d'enfants down in the village but happily skied a lot of the day at this one. It was wonderful as we could be there to help her if needed. By the end of the day she was easily managing the rope lift and skiing down through these little hoops, whacking at luges suspended in the air above her as she went through. (This would make more sense with a photo but I left my USB cable at home)

David and I took it in turns to take care of the kids and ski. Jasper has been quite amazing through all this. He happily wandered around the jardin d'enfants and loved it when David took him up the rope lift. The crunch came at lunch time when we were faced with how to get back up the piste for lunch. I didnt feel comfortable taking the téléski up with Jasper so I walked and carried him, my skis and all the stocks while David helped Lily on the téléski. Not fun! But lunch was worth it.

After lunch it started to rain a bit so we headed back to the jardin. This time we skied down. I carried all the stocks down. David had Jasper on one hip and Lily by the hand on her skis. It was all going well until something happened (no idea what) and Lily lost it so he just picked them both up and skied down carrying both. But for maybe 30 seconds there we were all skiing along togather (well, except Jas) and it was great!

During the afternoon I did a couple of green runs. They were so much easier than the Riffroids where I have been learning this week. I tell you, if you learn to ski on an icy slope, it makes most other things seem much easier. At one stage I was skiing down this great green run, wind in my hair, all alone, beautiful scenery and it was magic. On the way back up the téléski, I checked out the blue run and I think I'm ready to tackle that next.

We had to make sure to be back up at the télécabine before 5pm to catch the last one down. There was no way I was ready to take both kids down the blue run to the village! I had no energy left to walk up with Jasper, so I took him up on the téléski on my hip - luckily we got there fine. And David took all the stocks and Lily. I think there was a reason we only saw one other toddler up there - its all pretty hard to juggle. By the time we returned our skis, we were all exhausted. David says skiing with kids is even harder than skiing a black run. But it was a lovely family day.

télécabine - gondola lift
téléski - ski lift
jardin d'enfants - kids garden


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic holiday - even if it is a bit exhausting. Hopefully the kids will sleep really well. I guess it's like a day at the beach - the girls always sleep well afterwards!!

Can't wait to see some photos. We're on facebook now and i've put a few new shots of the kids on there - i'll hopefully get some more up soon, when i find some time! Hmmm???

Speak soon

Rosebank Magic said...

Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to hear more about it when you get home.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi found you on French for Awhile...sounds like you are having a fab time.

One of my good friends as a chalet in La Clusaz...always talking about Annecy.

Penny said...

Hi Kate - I'll sneak in on David's facebook account and have a look :)

Anne - a chalet in La Clusaz - that would be wonderful. Thanks for stopping by