Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a pic of the chocolate heart I bought David today from one of the yummiest chocolatier in Annecy. Actually, it looked even better than this as it was exquisitely gift-wrapped and contained 4 or 5 other little hearts inside. Of course, by the time I got the camera out, it was half devoured.

They had lots of these little hearts in the shop and I was having trouble choosing which to buy. And it came to me, a little song that Lily sings in the bath while pointing at everyone in turn. Lily sings it like this (and yes, she has the words a bit wrong but that's ok it's her version)

Sardine et crocodile
et rat cha cha
c'est toi, le chat

So this heart was the chat that my finger pointed to, I paid my €7 and brought it home. I think the woman in the shop thought I was nuts!

But the best part of Valentine's Day, David and I left Jasper with Martina, while Lily was at school, and went out alone, together...just the two of us!


French for a While said...

Wow, quite a bit fancier than the huge chocolate chip cookie (shaped like a heard) we baked. Looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Ah lovely! You are so simple and wonderful, Penny. You have a great life :). CL

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

WOW!!! It looks D-Vine!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Emily said...

Happy (belated) V-Day!

Andromeda said...

aww, i like the song, i guess it's the french version of "eney meeny miney moe?" it's great you guys had some alone time!

the v-day menu was chicken with this delicious creamy mushroom sauce, and what looked like fried potato cakes. pistachio and raspberry dessert thing. normally there's like, tacos and other mexican dishes, it's mostly autralian in the decor, but i think i saw kangaroo on the menu! leave it to the french to confuse mexico and australia!

Penny said...

Andromeda - thanks, it sounds yummy, australian or not! I have seen some kangaroo on the menu here too.


Anonymous said...

Wow - time out by yourselves - it must have been great to have a visitor the kids love.

Mark & I actually went out for dinner last night for his birthday by ourselves - my mum babysat for us. It was nice to go to a posh restaurant and not have to try to get the kids to sit still and not run amok in the place.

Have a great time at la clusaz.

Chat soon