Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A big achievement

I finally have a social security number! My carte vitale will take a while longer I know, but I've been waiting for ages for this number for my application for a carte de séjour. Now, I can go back to the Préfecture and give them this one last thing they were waiting for, along with the 3 other things they requested new copies of when they wrote me a follow up letter last week. With a bit of luck, I can get my carte de séjour before they request ALL of my documents over again.

carte vitale - like a medicare card
carte de séjour - residency permit


Justin said...

WOO HOO, Congrats! May I suggest bringing an extra white envelope with a stamp on it. They always seemed to want one more every time I visited... I swear they were eating them! ;-)

Emily said...


Function of Time said...

That is wonderful news!