Sunday, 24 February 2008

Back to life, back to reality

We're back from our great holiday at La Clusaz. It was sad to leave our lovely hotel La Montagne. We had such friendly service there from the staff (especially the time one of the waitresses gave me the lightest, most delicious, not to mention free chocolate mousse to go with the cup of hot chocolate I'd ordered to take back to my room to enjoy while the kids were asleep). By the end of our week, the staff knew our kids by name (I wonder if that's a good sign or a bad one?). The meals were just amazing and the kids did pretty well considering that dinner took over an hour every night. On our last night we ordered a fondue instead of that night's menu and it was so tasty.

La Clusaz is such a nice little village. We quickly found some new favourite spots - a great patissier/salon de thé that made scrumptious crêpes, a fantastic burger place. For any americans out there missing a good burger in France you must try La Chavinette Sandwicherie. But the most friendly service we had was from the guys at Ski 3000. At least one of us went there every day. They quickly got to know la famille Giorgi. And for guys who would probably prefer to be off skiing or snowboarding themselves, they were amazingly helpful and efficient.

As for the snow, with the last fall being in early February, I'm glad we went the first week of the holidays. We spent our last day skiing together on top of the Beauregard again and it was a lot slushier than 2 days before. I pity those Parisians arriving for their turn at the snow this weekend. They have the latest set of the staggered holidays here. Hopefully they'll get some snow this week. Lily did great at the jardin d'enfants again. And I skied my first blue run. It was so slushy that I fell over a few times at the top before I got the hang of it. But I found it such a challenge going down that I made myself do it again, later in the day, to show myself I could do it without falling. It was fun but for now I think I need to stick to the green runs while I practice a bit.

So its back to normal life again. We've got another week off before school starts up again. And hopefully we'll get some snow in March. I'm still waiting to see Annecy in the snow and I'd rather like another trip up to the Semnoz soon for some more skiing.

And now for the photos and there's a bit of video of Lily at the bottom

Lily luging

The view from our hotel room

Looking toward Mont Blanc from the Balme (taken by Dav - only he can ski down from that high up!)

At the Balme (taken by Dav)


View down to the pool (it has a great open air section)

Lunch at Beauregard

Fun in the snow

At the jardin d'enfants

On a bush walk

Looking towards La Clusaz

La Montagne (our hotel)

Swings with a view - at Beauregard

The church in La Clusaz


Rosebank Magic said...

Great photos Pen, it looks nearly as good as New Zealand last week.

Penny said...

Nearly as good? I'll let you get away with that, just cos you're my mother :)

Emily said...

I'd have a hard time coming back to reality after that fabulous week of vacation. The photos are great. Looks like you had a great time. :)

Rosebank Magic said...

Lily's video footage has just come up this morning - she looks very much at ease, as though it was a bit of a stroll. Do you look that relaxed or is that for the very young?

Grominou said...

Wow the pics are amazing!!!