Friday, 18 January 2008

Update on our neighbours

David ran into our neighbour and his wife today. And they invited us down for a coffee. So after dropping Lily back to school, we carried Jasper down asleep, and ended up spending half the afternoon drinking champagne and eating Gallette de Rois with them. Whilst the noise subject was touched on fleetingly, it was probably good just to sit down and get to know each other a bit. The last few days we've been making an effort with the noise. Maybe now that we all know each other even a tiny bit better, things will be a bit easier. Next they want to invite us over when the lady from underneath them is over - I'm not quite sure I'm ready to face her again!


Rosebank Magic said...


Justin said...

That is great! Maybe he will speak more reasonably to you now. It should be harder for him to yell if he gets to know you are a good person.

flo said...

hi there!

I am french and I spent 6 months in Brisbane from july to december 2007, how great is it to read your blog and realize that you have exactly the same problems as I had in australia (no comment about your backing powder...)
Good luck with your french, I am pretty sure you are doing well!!
My favorite french writers are Marc Levy, Amélie Nothomb (that one is probably a bit hard to read as she uses complex vocabulary) Bernard Werber.
Pierre Bellemare is not that good but he writes little stories in good and easy french. you can surely find his books in the library!!

Penny said...

Thanks for the list of authors Flo, I'll check them out :)

Le Tigre said...

Maybe some slippers will help? And some earmuffs for the neighbours? I think they are overreacting..

The Late Bloomer said...

Marc Lévy is an easy and pleasant read, I second that recommendation! And I think you might want to give Anna Gavalda a try as well -- easy reading, and nice text on the whole. Before tackling her big tome (Ensemble, c'est tout) try Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part...! I hope you enjoy. I know exactly what you mean about having a hard time reading in French -- it took me a LONG time to enjoy reading in French, and even today I really have to get pulled into the story right away in order to enjoy it. But I find that's true for me for books in English as well!