Tuesday, 8 January 2008


I had a go at making sushi tonight. I've never made it before. I've never needed to as living right in Chinatown in Brisbane we were spoiled for choice in the amount of asian restaurants on our doorstep. That's something I miss here. There are some chinese/vietnamese restaurants here. I had a look at the menu of one in the vielle ville once, but it just didnt tempt me. There is a great looking japanese restaurant just around the corner, but its pricey. Maybe we'll try it on a special occasion.

So meanwhile, we have all been missing sushi which we used to eat at least weekly. Many times Lily has asked me to make it. But everytime I added up the cost of all the ingredients at Monoprix, it was about 30€ and I'd always be half-way through my shopping and not want to dish out the extra cash it would require to get set up. But today at the markets we stopped at the little asian stall and as well as lots of asian noodles, packaged soups and fresh asian vegies, they had almost all the ingredients I needed for sushi. And much cheaper too. So for 14€ I got nori, a bamboo mat, rice vinegar, sushi rice, a tube of wasabi and a packet of pickled ginger. All I had to get from Monoprix was some packet Miso.

The only bad move I made was serving it for dinner. It was more time-consuming to prepare than I had imagined. By the time we got to the rolling stage, I was tired and cranky. Jasper kept knicking all the avocado which he loves and Lily wanted to help smoosh out the rice with the palms of her hands! Lovely! Still the finished product tasted pretty good, even if it left a little to be desired aesthetically. We made three types of nori rolls - tuna, avocado and avocado and carrot. Not bad at all.


Kate said...

You're brave attempting sushi for the first time with the kids!! Thandie keeps pestering me to make it but i've made it once pre kids and that was time consuming enough let alone with the 'helpers'. I think we'll just stick to bought sushi!!

Emily said...

Is it too late to come over and join you?!

I find sushi to be an exhausting process thus I only make it one time of the year...for D's birthday.

Rosebank Magic said...

Sushi is easy - you just need to be prepared in advance. I'll send you over my recipes.
You must have really enjoyed the flavours again.