Monday, 7 January 2008

Off to a good start

It felt weird to be taking Lily back to school today. I'm used to January being a lazy month gearing up to a return to kindergarten or the like at the end of January. Nope, straight back into it today. Which is fine, as we have holidays again in February and we will be off to La Clusaz for a week. Have I mentioned already that we have demi-pension - no cooking for me for a week. That's what I call a real holiday!

Lily went back to school with a huge smile on her face, as usual. Tonight she starts gymastics. This will be interesting. I cant quite get my head around kid's activities that start at 5pm. I'm used to scurrying home and starting dinner at that time. But she's very excited and will hopefully last the hour without a complete meltdown.

After a quick breakfast at my favourite patisserie this morning, David, Jasper and I went to check out the parent/kid playspace which was once again empty as a new course of toddler gym had started. So now that he has reached the age limit, we wandered over and joined the class and Jasper had a blast. He seems to be coming out of his shy phase and was very happy climbing and running around. So all I need to do is enrol him this week and we will be all set with a Monday morning activity. How hard can it be to enrol a 20 month old in toddler gym, you ask? I'll tell you on Wednesday!

As for me, in keeping with my plan to listen to more french, I bought a little transistor radio on the weekend and today found an interesting talk-back show. I got a bit lost at first but soon worked out I was listening to a sexologist - the woman who found out her daughter was a lesbian and the man who talked about going to the chemist to buy a patch de testo were a bit of a giveaway!

It could be a very interesting way to improve my french!

demi-pension - half board - 2 meals a day!
patch de testo - testosterone patch - I'm guessing!

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Guera said...

Its strange isn't it, only having 2 weeks off for Christmas? I kept expecting all that end of year stuff at the Christmas concert. Guerita's back today, but we don't get more holidays until Easter. We're off home for the whole of Feb, though, but that won't be a relaxing holiday!
Good luck with gymnastics. They do kids activities late here too - the gym classes for Guerita's age didn't start till 6pm so we passed on those.