Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My first outing

I accompanied Lily's class today on a trip to the cinema. I'd been holding off putting my name down for any outings, although David has been twice. This last time I was going to wait and only put my name down at the last minute if there were no other volunteers. But the list of three volunteers filled quickly this time. I stifled a quick sigh of relief as I was still a little nervous about going along when my french is not fluent. But as luck would have it, one of the mums couldn't go and rang us asking if either of us could fill her spot. So I was up.

And in fact it went very well. I had a group of 5 kids that I was responsible for - Lily and four of her friends. Thanks to one of Lily's favourite songs I had some key phrases in mind "mettez-vous on rang" and David's favourite "sans courir!". But they were really well behaved, luckily, as we had to walk through town and catch a council bus there and back. It was interesting to observe Lily's teacher in action. She keeps them very well controlled but is also very kind. I think she does an amazing job - I was exhausted at the end of my three hour shift! But it was so nice to be able to be involved with Lily's class and to talk to her classmates, just as I would have been able if we had stayed in Australia.

Oh, and the film Plume, le Petit Ours Polaire (Lars the Little Polar Bear) was very good but a bit too scary for this age group I think. Fingers crossed we have no nightmares tonight


Rosebank Magic said...

Well done - your french is probably better than you think.

Justin said...

It's good that you got to get out and mingle a little! That sounds like it was a fun day.

Le Tigre said...

I echo Rosebank, I'm certain your French is better than you think. Movies for kids HAVE gotten a lot scarier I think. That tap dancing penguin movie had a few scary moments in it. And although I love Tim Burton's Corpse Bride it's probably not for small ones!

flo said...

I always had troubles to understand kids they have a very special way to speak... crotte de bic!! (it means something like goat's poo, it is a nice swear words kids used to say when I was a little girl once upon a time...)

If you can speak with them: well done!