Saturday, 26 January 2008

Le piano raconté aux enfants

We went to a kid's piano concert today. It was held at a local music school in the vielle ville. Imagine a room full of 3-5 year olds and their parents or grandparents. The lights went down and the pianiste started to tell the children all about the grand piano and then told the story of a little boy's day using music to illustrate. There was a fair bit of interaction too with the audience and half way through all the kids were allowed to come down the front to have a dance. I was pretty amazed at how well these kids sat through a 45 minute piano concert. And then I realized that at that age they are all in maternelle and they are well trained at sitting still! In any event, it was a very pleasant evening and Jasper and Lily both enjoyed it. It reminded me of going to concerts as a teenager with my parents. Its certainly something I would like to do more often with the kids as they get older. Opportunities are limited here so its a matter of trying to keep my eye out for something suitable.

And Happy Australia Day to all. We celebrated with a lunch of roast lamb. What a long way we've come since this photo was taken at last years' Australia day Citizenship Ceremony where David got his Australian Citizenship. Lily looks so much younger (dont we all!) and Jasper was still in his cast. Fast forward one year and Jasper is walking and running, Lily's french is amazing. Right now they are playing Lily's favourite game - school - in the lounge room. She is the teacher, talking and singing non-stop in french to her pupils (Jasper and a select group of stuffed toys and dolls). He will have played so much school but the time he starts, he'll know the routine instinctively.


Le Tigre said...

That's a great photo btw, you look gorgeous!
I really can't imagine a bunch of Australian kids that age sitting through a piano recital, hehe.
Happy Australia Day! Next year I'm going to import meat pies..

Milie said...

Oh sorry Penny, I didn't know that people use to say "happy australia day"! So happy Australia day to you! You may have noticed that we don't say "Joyeux 14 juillet" ! I hope you weren't too sad to be overseas for that special day ;-0

Anonymous said...

Wow, they sure have grown up this past year! clmama

Rosebank Magic said...

Happy Australia Day to you too.
We stayed overnight with friends at Cabarita Beach, and had mud crab cocktails, barbecued lamb fillets, followed by fruit salad with meringues and cream, lots of laughter and red wine and all capped off with a swim before breakfast the next morning. Sounds really Australian doesn't it?
I was thinking about where you all were and what you were doing this time last year so its lovely to see a photo of you then.

Colleen said...

" that age they are all in maternelle ..."

What does "maternelle" mean? I am asuming it is a grade level.

Bilingual children amaze me. It's very cool how easily they learn languages.

The Late Bloomer said...

A belated Happy Australia Day wish to you, Penny! A lovely shot of you and your family last year. You really have all come a long way in such a short time! It's inspiring.

And the piano concert for the children sounds wonderful... I hope I'll be lucky enough, and motivated as well, to be able to find such great activities for children in the future!

Penny said...

Le Tigre - that's what is so funny - I just cannot imagine a group of aussie kids sitting down and listening. And when you import the meat pies can you please get me some decent bloody sausages too!

Milie - not too sad! I must admit Australia Day usually passes me by without much notice back home :)

Thanks CL - its all going way too fast :)

Sounds yummy Mum :)

Colleen - école maternelle is a bit like american pre-school but I daresay MUCH more strict. Its 3 years from age 3-5. Lily is in the moyenne section.

Thanks Late Bloomer - you will have so many wonderful activities available to you and your new bub in Paris. There's a bit here in Annecy but I need to keep on the lookout - quite different to what I am used to in Australia - but that's the fun I guess :)


Emily said...

Beautiful photo. Happy Australia Day!