Thursday, 24 January 2008

La grève

For the first time since moving here, we've been affected by the strikes. Four of the five maternelle teachers are on strike today, including Lily's teacher. We watched them march from our balcony. Reminiscent of many a Labour Day march, I kept waiting for them to break into that good old aussie chant "The workers, united, will never be defeated!", but they didnt. I asked David if he thought the french had a word for a "scab" - someone who goes to work during the strikes. According to Word Reference its briseur de grève. Briseur means wrecker. Hmmm, doesnt sound quite as good as scab!

Lily and I spent the afternoon putting her cutting, pasting and letter recognition skills to good use. She helped me organize about 10 years worth of recipe cuttings into my recipe folder. And Jasper slept the afternoon away again which means no doubt he'll want to stay up until 10pm again!


French for a While said...

Nothing like a good greve. At my school a few teacher were on strike, but not many. A colleague asked my why teachers were striking today. My response: 'they need a reason?'. Seems like the French will stike over anything!

Milie said...

Hey Penny!
I watched the French news this morning and saw that there were strikes again. A good cultural experience for you I guess!
I have a very nice French friend, Katia, who will be back to Annecy area very soon after months in Oz, would you mind that she contacts you?
Thanks Penny and take care. Milie

Penny said...

That would be great Milie. If she leaves a comment on my blog I can email her. Hope all is well with you


Justin said...

That stinks about the strike, but it sounds like you were able to have a nice day with the kids!

Milie said...

Penny, excellent, that's very nice from you! Katia will leave a message here ;-)
I'm fine, thanks! Second Australia Day for me yesterday, with a wonderful weather, que demande le peuple ?

Penny said...

Milie - I look forward to hearing from her. Happy Australia Day to you :)