Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A few new words and phrases

For those who read this blog and are trying to master this wonderful language along with me, here are a few new phrases, I just came across:

Yesterday at school, I was telling my friend the latest in our neighbour saga and she was commiserating with me. But she kept saying casse-pieds. I thought, what's breaking feet got to do with it and I knew I must be missing something. A quick check of Word Reference revealed it means a "pain in the neck". Now, that's a handy word to know!

I also spoke to the mum of a friend of Lily's and she told me the girls s'entendent bien. I had no idea what this meant and, despite her pretty good english, she wasnt quite able to explain it. But David set me right when I got home: it means "to get on well with". Another handy phrase that I often say in english but have had trouble expressing in french.

But the funniest one I learnt was at the doctor's today. Jasper has a cold and conjunctivitis. The doctor was asking me all his symptoms and asked me about les selles. I couldnt understand the word (although I did know it a few months ago, I'd forgotten it). He tried a few times to explain what he meant, to no avail. Eventually, he had to dumb it down for me. La caca, he said in exasperation. Oh, right, now I get it - poo! Being the mum of two little kids, I'm much more familiar with the kid's word for it than the adult's!

And speaking of which, guess who has started to say a couple of words in french lately. That's right, Jasper now says caca and non in french. He still doesn't say no in english but he's got it down in french thanks to his big sister, who of course, says it all the time.


flo said...

it is Le caca and not la caca :D yeah it is usefull to know... I ma becoming a big fan of your blog!!

Guera said...

Ah, yes, we learn such useful vocabulary don't we? I love the Spanish words for this - pipi and popo. Sounds much cuter! I also know the names of all the Disney princesses in Spanish. Wish I didn't!

Le Tigre said...

Good to know for my next doctor's visit what the hell les selles means!

Penny said...

Thanks Flo! I really must make more effort with the gender of words :)

Guera - now that is useful info :)

Grominou2 said...

My French-speaking friend had a similar experience when she was hospitalized in an English-speaking hospital here in Montréal. She had no clue what «moving your bowels» meant!