Sunday, 20 January 2008

Escargots farcis

For a while now, David has been checking out the display of snails at the Monoprix. You can buy tinned cooked snails and the shells in which to serve them. But today at the markets we saw the real thing - fresh. A farmer was selling cooked snails in the shells with garlic butter stuffed in too. All you had to do was reheat and eat. I would have preferred to put them in the oven but David insisted they used to heat their snails in Switzerland by balancing them in a dish in boiling water so I decided to steam them in the wok, as I would do with fish.

And they tasted, well, kinda like rubbery things in garlic butter. Lily wouldnt try them. I ate one and put them in the same category as mussels and oysters. I like the idea of them but for some reason I just dont really want to eat them. Luckily, David was hungry but even so 11 snails in one serve is a bit much.

All ready to cook in the wok.

Yum - using the fondue forks to dig them out!


Le Tigre said...

I've tried snails twice so far, and both times they taste like garlic rubber. I love garlic, but I prefer rubber on the bottom of my shoes ;)

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Hi Penny,

While I will shy away from the snails and other things in shells, I love the idea of cooking in a wok... We just bought a new on the other day... My hubby just cleaned it...and so it's "ready" to go.... If you would be so kind in sharing some favorite things to cook... I will also look on goole.. but it's nice to have a few recommendations! Take care, Leesa

Emily said...

Go David go!

Rosebank Magic said...

I would love to have snails again, I first tried them in 1961 at a very chic french restaurant in Kings Cross and they were wonderful, maybe that was because of all the garlic on them.
Here's how you should cook them:-
if they are already prepared put them into your mini muffin tray (butter side up) and cook in a hot oven (200C) for 8 minutes or until the garlic butter sizzles.
If they are overcooked they will be tough and chewy.

Guera said...

I'm with you Penny - snails and oysters are just a bit of rubber to put your garlic on. I had snails in a restaurant in Paris just for the experience as much as anything else. I can tick them off now, but I won´t be trying them again. Same goes for frog legs - tastes just like chicken :)

Justin said...

awesome! I have still not tried them, but I have eaten much worse things so far. I will definitely have to give them a try next time I have the opportunity.