Monday, 3 December 2007

Starts in laughs...ends in tears

Our weekend got off to a promising start. On their Saturday morning run David and Lily stopped by the Imperial Palace where they had some Christmas markets and... reindeer! Then we checked out the festivities at the Courier with a ride in the submarine on the Jules Verne themed carousel and a look at the outdoor ice rink (a definite date for the next clear non-school day). Sunday started well too. Missing my Fat Boys $4 breakfasts, I cooked myself scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato - all washed down with a lovely pot of tea.

It was during the washing up that things went awry. Poor Jasper (had you guessed it would be him, again?) fell off the rubbish bin (dont ask!) and hit his chin on the floor, cutting it open and putting his bottom teeth into his top palate. Another rushed trip to the hospital (what are we going to do when they move next year?), and after an extremely traumatic suturing process, he now has 5 stitches in his chin.

Here are the kids in the submarine on Saturday


Rupal said...

Oh my gosh, Penny, how awful. You (and the poor little guy) must have been so scared. I hope he is not in any more pain. Hang in there!

SylvChezPlum said...

Oh wow, poor Jasper, and poor you ! what a terrible experience !
I have to go and see that submarine with the girls... I always find out about stuff on your blog..!! :-)

mammaclaudia said...

Poor Jasper! I hope he's feeling better now! I finally moved to Haute Savoie, and I check your blog for tourist information, too!

Guera said...

Oh, you poor things (both of you!). Hope you're all coping OK.

Milie said...

Le pauvre petit Jasper ! Hope he's doing better now, that must have been stressful (and painful) for him and the rest of the family too.
Big hug to Jasper and you Penny ;-0

Kate said...

Ouch!! Poor Jasper - he's definitely trying to get you to improve your French medical terminology the hard way isn't he! Hope he's feeling much better - give him a big hug from all of us...and one for you guys too - bet you need it as well!!
Chat soon

The Late Bloomer said...

Oh, I'm sorry about little Jasper's fall! I hope he's feeling much better now... Sounds like you had a lovely weekend otherwise -- I hope all those smiles made up for that tough moment!