Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Not bad for an aussie kid!

We had our second turn on the ice today. There is a lovely free open-air rink set up about one minute from our home for all of December. We hired a little chair like last time and Lily had fun pushing it around. Those of you who know our normally cautious girl well, might be surprised to hear that after about 10 minutes, she let go of the chair and shuffled her way around the middle of the rink all alone. That meant Jasper got lots of turns being pushed around which he loved. And I was even able to have a bit of a skate alone this time. I've never skated outdoors before and had long anticipated this. I almost went at Modena in Italy a few years ago but decided to wait until Lily was big enough to come too. I'm glad I did. It was one of those special moments today. And as we only have to pay for skate hire, I'll be back soon for some time off, probably followed by a nice hot chocolate somewhere.


David Giorgi said...

You all look so happy and lovely, what a great day

Rosebank Magic said...

Not bad for an Aussie kid? - not bad at all!! Well done Lily.