Sunday, 16 December 2007

La Clusaz en hiver

With precision timing, we were all dressed and out of the house before 8am yesterday to make the first bus to La Clusaz. After a quick walk around town, marvelling at how pretty it all was covered in snow, and a trip to the tourist office in the hope of getting some accomodation in February, we fortified ourselves with our first chocolat of the day. Then we hired a luge for the kids. One thing I really like about La Clusaz is that there's this great area at the bottom for luge and for kids and other learners, with ski hire and crêperies right there.

We headed indoors again for a really good lunch - ham and cheese crêpe for me, steak and potato dauphinois (gratin) for David and steak haché and chips for the kids. After lunch, Lily decided she wanted to hire some skis. And she did really well. The ice-skating she has done seems to have really helped her balance. Check out the video at the bottom - I was amazed how well she manages to shift her weight. Meanwhile Jasper and I headed indoors to the crêperie. So while I drank another chocolat (this time a viennois - with chantilly cream on top), Jasper played happily with some coins and we sat and watched Lily ski.

Then we took a quick trip up in the télécabine. I was amazed at the 5 year old I saw heading down the slopes with his mum. I wonder if I'll ever be able to ski as well as my kids (its a bit like french - they have a natural advantage).

And after one final chocolat we jumped on the bus and went home. A bientôt La Clusaz!

luge - sledge
steak haché - hamburger patty


Piero P Giorgi said...

I am impressed by the short film of Lily skiing at La Clusaz for her first time. Adults would fall on their bum after one meter. And Jasper looked like Roald Amundsen at his Antarctic expedition. Their Celtic and Germanic ancestries are proving their worth.
Vive la neige!
A proud Nonnopiero

French for a While said...

Amazing. I can't wait to get our kids up to the snow for the first time! Looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Lily is a natural!!! Looks like awsome fun...just love the photos a X

Guera said...

It looks like you had a great day! And Lily looks so comfortable on skis. It's so great to start them early when they have no fear and they are so much closer to the ground. We can't wait to get Guerita on skis - hopefully next winter.

Emily said...

I think you have an Olympian in the making. :)

Thandie said...

I wish i could come skiing with you Lily - it looks like lots of fun. I like your winter hat.

Did you build a snowman while you were at the snow?? Can you send me a photo of it.


The Late Bloomer said...

Oh, looks like such fun! You guys must have had a great time. I love all the photos.

I learned to ski when I was 19, and I actually haven't been back to do it for four years now... I think I've forgotten everything! I agree that kids must be a lot more fearless when it comes to that kind of thing. My last accident on skis has kept me away for a while... Badly sprained knee!