Thursday, 20 December 2007

How's this for customer service?

I ordered a book as a Christmas present for my parents from Dymocks Online on 12 December. On the 18th they email and tell me the book is out of stock. I was furious. I mean, come on, they tell me this almost a week later. I shoot back an email telling them their customer service is dreadful and asking if they have another book I had picked out or ANY other book of this type. No reply the next day. I re-send the email marked urgent. Today I finally get a response - sorry that one is out of stock too and not even bothering to answer my request about whether there are others available. So I cancel my order and tell them they have ruined my Christmas present. I mean really what am I supposed to do two business days before Christmas? I dont know why I didnt just order it through Amazon anyway.


Justine said...

No books but I can almost guarantee they will get something there by Xmas day if you choose their Express Post option. My favourite website.

Wishing you guys a happy, happy Xmas. You all look like you are having such a good time.


Guera said...

I've had trouble with Dymocks in the past too - they are always contacting me days and weeks after placing an order online to say the book is out of stock. They are hopeless! I hope you work something out, but I'm sure your parents will understand if not! We are always delivering our Christmas and birthday presents late.

Rosebank Magic said...

Don't get stressed about it - it's no big deal.If you think about it you will remember that I have been late with Christmas and birthday presents for years. As cliched as it might sound a phone call will be the best Christmas present.

Kate said...

Hiya - i have to go to the shops in the morning (very scary prospect - but have yet to do our santa visit and photo) - would you like me to ty and find it for you - just let me know the book and i'll try and find it for you and send it down to your parents.

Spk soon

Destination Metz said...

Dymocks are the worst. I used their online ordering was really expensive and took three weeks to get there!

writerjo said...

My best emergency websites are Biome and Oxfam Unwrapped. You can order your folks a chicken ($10) or condoms ($20) or any other thing to go towards the work done by Oxfam (I send Brad a pile of manure to help rice farming go organic and Megs and Ade's a mother and children's shelter place) and they get posted an e-card instantly. Good karma all round!

Merry Christmas and I just loved the Clusaz post! Amazing skiing by Lily-the-flying-preschooler.

Love Jo

Penny said...

All these wonderful suggestions and I still haven't resent a present - very slack here but thanks for all the good ideas for next time :)

Merry Christmas everyone