Saturday, 8 December 2007

Getting in the spirit

I firmly believe that the world is made up of two types of people - those who are naturally gifted at arts and crafts and those who aren't. I am definitely one of the latter. But despite this, every year at about this time I become obsessed with undertaking a major craft project with Lily. Last year it was home made Christmas cards, which she stamped with a shooting star cut from a potato. Never got one? No, neither did anyone else. The whole idea was hastily abandoned after the prototype failed and instead we made gingerbread and shortbread stars.

Now they turned out quite well, and buoyed by that success, we embarked on this years' project - personalized handmade salt dough Christmas ornaments to give to family and friends. This was one time I really could have done with just popping down to the Dollars and Cents shop in McWhirters for all I needed. Instead I traipsed around the centre ville looking for paints and cookie cutters. Armed with these I returned home and we got busy.

As I write I have about 20 blobs of salt dough drying out in the oven. Tomorrow comes the painting. Lily and Jasper had a ball and I tried to let go and not completely reshape every one of Lily's ornaments - hence some have a rather bloblike nature.

So to those of you who may receive one or two in the mail shortly after Christmas (as it could take me a week to get up the courage to brave the post office with lots of parcels, after all my last parcel to Australia was returned to me here in Annecy three days later), let me give you a hint. If its vaguely round, its a heart. If its vaguely human-like, its an angel and if its got points its either a star or a Christmas tree. But whatever you might get, know that it was made with love from us.


Rosebank Magic said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what we get - sounds as though it could be a guessing game. If they are made by my grandchildren I'm sure they will be beautiful.
I don't remember ever doing this activity with you when you were very young. Just shows what I missed out on.
Love M

mammaclaudia said...

I'm sure your family and friends will LOVE what you made because it is made with love...

Guera said...

As your Mum said - grandparents love everything their grandchildren do for them and they sound like cute gifts. I think I am in the category of those who have no natural talent at craft but still love to do it. I enjoy making crafty things, but I never have an original idea - I am always *stealing* it from somewhere else - thankyou internet!