Monday, 26 November 2007

I'm wrecked

We had an unusually social weekend and I'm exhausted. In an effort to improve my french I've decided to hire a DVD every Friday night and watch it in french. This week we watched Pirates of the Carribean with the french subtitles on. I dont think I'd use the subtitles again. I relied on them too much instead of listening - good movie though!

Saturday we went to the fête foraine. It was fun but all the rides were too adventurous for our little petal ;-). After a quick trip home via the Courier (our local shopping centre) to see the animated Christmas mice, we headed out for our first invitation for an apératif in the vielle ville (thanks to David's chatting up all the mums at the birthday party, which was a huge success, by the way).

Sunday saw us invited out for morning and afternoon tea, also at lovely homes in the vielle ville. Our home seems rather lacking in charm after seeing all these beautiful homes in 17th century buildings. Oh, well, we do have an excellent view!

So much socializing, combined with having a cold, meant I completely forgot until last night that it was Lily's turn to supply the collation for her class today. Luckily, the fruit shop was open early this morning.

So while I go and put my feet up here are a few new photos of the kids

Jasper on the balcony before the snow melted

All ready for the party

At the fête foraine ( I knitted the orange hat)

The Christmas mice

Playing tea parties, 5 minutes ago

fête foraine. - the fair - a bit like Sideshow Alley at the Ekka

collation - the communal morning tea each student provides once a term


guera said...

What a nice reason to be worn out! Sounds like a fun weekend. We have to provide morning tea for the kids in Guerita' class too - ours is once a month and I always seem to forget until the last minute too. We are told what to bring, so far its been fruit or ham or cheese sandwiches. I am dreading when it is my turn to bring frijoles or guacamole - I'm sure my version won't measure up to the real thing!

Kate said...

Love the photos - Thandie is very pleased to see new ones of both Lil and Jasper. They look so cute all bundled up in their winter gear! How cold is it?? Will you get a white Christmas??

chat soon

Destination Metz said...

France must be great for kids, so many fairs and markets and always carousals and everything. That's nice, it's like France has retained a bit of innocence I think.

Emily said...

Your haircut is so cute!

Rosebank Magic said...

The photos are lovely Pen, but they are growing up so fast.

The Late Bloomer said...

Oh, Penny, your children are truly adorable! I love all these little snapshots of your life in Annecy... And your daughter looks so proud of her birthday gift!

Milie said...

Hi penny! It's been a while! Good to hear that your social life is intense. I also understant that it's exhausting. It has been the same here for the last two months, but I guess at the end we are happy to share things/views with local people ;-0
I'm flying to France next week for 3 weeks, can't wait!
Take care and have a great w-e.

Anonymous said...

Hello Penny! Finally on a computer fast enough to cope with opening your blog. Great to see the beautiful photos. How do you have to increase Jasper´s iron levels? Food or tabs? Give my hugs to all. Fab book will have to look at all those lovely illustrations when I visit. We are traped in a lovely little town, not much transport. Monday we escape back into Argentina. Mimi