Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Good one, Penny!

I finally got up the nerve to go into the little hairdresser's that I pass every day to make an appointment. I was encouraged by the fact that the man in there has started to recognize me, no doubt because I walk past there 8 times a day often with screaming kids in tow, while I look longingly inside anticipating the day I will get a cut and an hour off. So I went in today and the conversation went a bit like this (in french of course)

Me: I'd like to make an appointment for a hair cut please.
Him: When would you like to come?
Me: Australia! (I wasnt really listening and thought he'd asked where do I come from, having been still trying to work out if I'd said a hair cut or a horse cut - cheveux/chevaux gets me every time!)
Him: (laughs politely) Really?
Me: I come from Australia. I'd like to come on Friday please.

And so I have an appointment for Friday (which I double checked as I have just as much trouble with mercredi/vendredi as I do with cheveux/chevaux).

Still at least I've already broken the ice!


French for a While said...

Isn't it funny how we measure success when in a foreign land with a foreign language. This counts as a success.

Penny said...

You think so? I thought it was a dismal failure :). I mean, this morning I had quite a decent conversation with the security guard at Monoprix about the minimum wage in Australia - and then I cant even make a simple appointment without looking like an idiot! My french seems to do better when I can warm up - put me on the spot and I'm liable to say anything :). But thanks :)

Melbourne to Metz said...

Haha, I did that the other day too. I was buying a book and somehow I thought he asked me what I was using it for so I explained I was a teaching assistant rah rah rah. Turned out to be something to do with having a FNAC card or something. Oopps.

Enjoy your hair appointment! My favourite part is getting my hair washed..

guera said...

How funny. I do that sort of thing all the time!!! There are some questions I get so often (like where are you from) that I think I hear people say it even when they don't. No wonder I get some strange looks sometimes. The worst is when people say "You speak Spanish very well" (they are just being kind). I get all flustered then and end up making some huge mistake straight afterwards!

Penny said...

Metz and Guera - good to know I'm not the only one who does this. Its so embarassing but I guess that's life :)

Oh and Metz - I'm hoping they do aussie style head massages here - I wonder...

Emily said...

I do that all...the...time. I wish I could somehow capture all the weird looks I get after I respond to them something totally off topic.