Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A year and a half already!

Yep, two posts today as I just realized that the chouchou is 18 months old today. Here's a selection of photos for the grandparents!

Fun at the kitchen sink

More fun at the sink

Doing his Hugh Hefner impression

His favourite fire engine

Move over Fabio!


Rosebank Magic said...

Lovely photos, they just make me want to scoop him up and give him a good cuddle. He is much fairer that I expected, even your hair was darker when you were his age, so where does the blondie look come from? And, do I see Puds in the background of the Mark Heffner look alike?

Rosebank Magic said...

Not sure where Mark Heffner came from, of course I knew it was Hugh Heffner all along!!

Penny said...

Mum - maybe you were thinking Mark Knofler from Dire Straits - he has got a bit of a mullet going on after all. As for the blonde, as they like to say here "je n'ai aucune idée" (I have no idea!). But he looks a bit like a Fellows to me (its the jowls!) and Patrick was very blonde as a baby. Was Anthony too?

The Late Bloomer said...

What a cutie! Adorable.

Destination Metz said...

happy birthday! you can sing happy birthday in both french and english to him!

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

OMG!!! He is just ADORABLE!!! The grandparents will just LOVE these photos.. Thanks for sharing!!

PS... I am happy you left me a comment about the butternut squash... I hope I will be able to find it here in Antony... and make some BN soup!!! YUMMM!!!Take care, Leesa

guera said...

Gorgeous photos! There's nothing wrong with a little baby mullet action - gotta love the business at the front, party at the back!