Friday, 26 October 2007

So that's what she's been doing...

It was the last day of school term today and the kids are allowed to bring home all the artwork and things they've been doing. Of course, I've read all the criticisms of the french education system but I got a good glimpse of how things are yesterday when I picked her up and all the kids walked out with a chenille they had made out of plasticine - different colours, blue chenille on blue paper, red chenille on red etc but otherwise identical!

Lily brought home her cahiers today. There are two and they have to be signed and sent back to school next term. The first has the words to all the little songs she's been singing us for weeks and the second contains her "school-work". They are incredibly organized and all the activities have an objective. It was lovely to look through and see what they've been working on (of course, with her, we hear a lot about it too). I was impressed at all the things she'd been able to complete successfully even though she is not yet fluent in french. As we went through I saw lots of smiley faces from the teacher. It wasn't until I got to a page where they were supposed to colour in only the circles with a circle inside them and Lily had coloured in three other circles as well that I realized the smiley faces were a kind of grading system. There was a little code of smilies printed on the bottom of the pages. There were normal smiley faces, flat-line smilies and down-turned smilies. Well, she earned herself a flat line smiley for her extra three circles. She hadnt even noticed and I'm sure at her age this makes no impression at all, but I wonder what affect this has a little later on. She'll probably be fine but I think I'm going to need to toughen up!

chenille ~ caterpillar
cahiers ~ notebooks

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guera said...

How funny that we were both posting about school work at the same time. Maybe the smiley faces we get on Geurita's homework are grades as well and I didn't realise! I know what you mean about toughening up - we've got years of reports, exams and homework ahead of us!