Saturday, 13 October 2007

Le Retour des Alpages

For the past 34 years, Annecy has been celebrating the return of the animals from the Alpine pastures with a wonderful festival held on the second Saturday in October. The vielle ville is filled with traditional artisans and agriculture. We went down this morning and wandered amongst the crowds. On sale amongst other things was fresh pressed apple juice, freshly milled flour, delicious pastries and the biggest pans of tartiflette I've ever seen. We took a break and returned in the afternoon for the highlight - the street parade featuring bands, folk dancers, lots of animals and my favourites - the cows with their bells and beautiful flowers and the geese wearing the scarves herded with sticks. (Dont forget you can click on the photos to see a larger image. I got a bit carried away with the camera but, hey, its only once a year!)

Making apple juice

These horns have a beautiful low sound which David tells me is the best for carrying across the alps


That's a really big tartiflette!

Eating tartiflette on the go

Making boudin - black pudding

The pulp left after juicing the apples

This one's for Jasper!

These bells were really loud (and they looked very heavy!)

The mayor himself! Unfortunately his driver took the turn a bit wide and almost wiped out the Giorgis with his horse!

Not sure what this instrument was but they banged it at both ends with a stick!

The traditional way to carry a cheese, apparantly!

This "petit savoyard" is so cute, they used his picture for advertising


Rosebank Magic said...

Great photos Pen,I can almost feel the atmosphere. But one of my favourites has to Jasper playing 'foo' over the top of Dav's head. Obviously he's having trouble seeing whatever it is that Lily is looking at.

guera said...

Looks like so much fun and a great way to experience your new home. Yum...tartiflette. I am jealous.

Rose said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the pics! And I found a recipe here:

I think I'll try it!
My fave photos were those of the bow-adorned turkeys, LOL, and that one where the lady is looking behind her, warily, at the cow. Oh, and ya gotta love the cheese carrier!

You're making me yearn for Europe. Things are so much less hectic there....

Emily said...

Great photos! I was so mad at myself for forgetting my camera yesterday. :(

Penny said...

Mum - actually I think he was so tired he was almost falling asleep :)

Rose - let me know how it turns out. Its very easy to make :)

The Late Bloomer said...

Love all the photos -- looks like such fun! You must have had a great time.

Destination Metz said...

ah that looks like a fun day! i'm digging the cute geese and the shoes of the women! where can I get some?

Anonymous said...



(struggling with the chapter on Sensory Integration)

Penny said...

Jo - will you please finish that book before my baby is too old for me to use it! And tell me when you've written the chapter about incredibly stubborn boys who scream if they dont get their own way :)