Monday, 1 October 2007

Hi Lili Hi Lo

A recent email from a friend got me thinking about how we chose names for our babies. With my chequered pregnancy history we didnt even talk about names until well after 20 weeks into my pregnancy with Lily. But even then, it was a bit of a forgone conclusion. We tossed around Imogen and Sophie but I always knew if we had a girl it would be Lily.

You see, as a child, I was obsessed with the movies of Leslie Caron, a famous french actress. Every Sunday morning, I would search the TV guide in the paper, to see if any of her movies were on that week - especially Daddy Long Legs and Lili (this was way before the days of VCRs and DVDs of course!) Looking at both of these movies now through adult eyes, the relationship between the teenage girl and the much older man is a bit dodgy but these movies were magic to me as a child. For Leslie Caron is a ballet dancer and the dance scenes were just fantastic. And of course my favourite song was Hi Lili Hi Lo, where a naïve Lili sings with the puppets, not knowing that the taciturn puppeteer behind them is falling in love with her. And although we used the english spelling, that movie is the main reason behind her name.

As for her second name, Calypso came from the book "35 000 Baby Names" because we liked it, we liked the history behind it and "Lily Calypso" just sounds so good (if I do say so myself).

Anyway, sing along now....


guera said...

I love that Lily's name has a story. And Lily Calypso is so cute! Our kid's middle names were a bit of a novelty for us since neither of us have middle names, but we went with maternal grandmothers in the end, which has turned out poignant since they both passed away in the last few years.

Destination Metz said...

I think that's great, names SHOULD have something behind them, that's what makes them magical and kind of adds to the person the name has been bestowed upon. Nothing worse than being named something because your parents saw the name in the book and thought 'oh well, it's not too bad' as is my case!

French for a While said...

My two sons are Patrick and Henry. A bit of US history knowledge will tell you that Patrick Henry was one of the leading proponents of independece in 1774-1776. Our daughter, by contrast, is named Julia for no real reason except that we like it. It is fun to think about names from time to time.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing the history behind her beautiful name. I love both of them!

Rose said...

Good Lord, woman... now that song has been playing in my head for 2 days. I had forgotten from where I knew it, but the melody was already somewhere, stored in my brain.
"A soooong of love is a saaad song..."
Loved the story behind the name.