Monday, 8 October 2007

Guess what's happening tomorrow?

All our new furniture gets delivered. I'm very excited!


Destination Metz said...

your furniture from Australia or new furniture? Good luck on lugging the stuff from room to room, be careful with your back! It will be so satisfying once everything is in the right place..

guera said...

Hope the assembly is going well! There is always swearing and pieces left over in our house when Ikea's involved. We've got so many of those allen keys around the place. Nice to be all set up with new furniture though, once it's all done.

French for a While said...

I have a similar feeling as my 'stuff' is arriving from the US in about a week. It's like an early Christmas.

Rose said...

Well? The suspense is killing me! Did you ever get the furniture, and how long did it take to get from log state to usable? :)

Penny said...

DM - no its all new stuff from Ikea. We bought eight cubic metres of junk with us from home but hardly any furniture!

FFAW - I was the same when our boxes from home arrived and the kids loved having so many toys again. Enjoy!

Guera - Jasper is an allen key addict I think - he loving it :)

Rose - we're on the way! I just posted an update above. I cant wait till its all done but its looking pretty good so far :)