Friday, 5 October 2007

Back to the Préfecture

After dropping Lily at school, we hit the Préfecture just as it opened. Thanks to a swift sideways manouevre with Jasper's pram up the stairs, we were able to head off 3 students trying to bumrush us and we got ticket number 5. After a not-too-long wait we ended up seeing the man we saw the first time (the one who'd given us the short list which his colleague extended the second time we went).

Unfortunately coming straight on the heels of yesterday's medical appointment, Jasper thought he was back at the doctor's and commenced the most ear piercing screaming I've ever heard! After a minute or two we were able to calm him down and got on with the appointment. As our application for a carte vitale is a work in progress, we have to come back again. In fact they still dont have the codes from Paris anyway so he happily issued me with a new recépissé. It expires in January. At this rate, by the time I actually get my carte de séjour, it will be time to renew it!


French for a While said...

Nice to hear someone else is going through this as well. I've been to the prefecture twice and have to again -- with the whole family -- on Wednesday. Please let this be the past time.

Jennie said...

I almost went to the prefecture at opening time yesterday too! I actually went in at 11 though, and barely managed to pick up my new card before they closed.

But of course, since it took an extra 3 months to arrive (they lost the first one...) it doesn't really matter, because I need to renew it/change it to a worker card this month anyway! ::sigh::

Tigue said...

Sounds to me like getting a Carte de Sejour in ANy situation is hell.I wish you luck with yours. D and I decided to go to England as planned in the first place to renew my passport then waltz into the prefecture when my 6 months are up and act like we dont know anything about the new law...From what I understand half the time they dont know the law anyway. If worse comes to worse, well...I guess a visit back home isnt going to kill me *grin*

Emily said...

I prefer working with the guy vs. the lady at the Annecy Pref anytime. He's actually new and you can tell that he's happier to work there than the my opinion. Enjoy the process! ;)

Penny said...

Tigue - good luck! I always worry that they will change their mind and send me home for a visa too. it wouldnt be that bad except I'd have to take Jasper!

Emily - I agree. if we'd got him the 2nd time, I'd have my CDS now but we struck her and she asked for more stuff!

Miles Away In France said...

Ahh the dreaded carte Vitalle, ours took 9 months, not sure what the hold up was but they managed to find one.

Racheal x

Miles Away In France said...


The psychology course is something that keeps getting pushed to one side.

It has 4 assignments, I have done and passed 3, Number 4 is where I have to carry out a study and explain it in at least 3 A4 sheets, I keep burying my head in sand on this one.

I really want to be able to say that I completed the course but it would be much easier to just forget it and hope that nobody ever asks me about it ;0)

Racheal x

megan said...

We arrived in France last July, just got our Carte de Sejour today, and it expires in 4 months. At least everyone we dealt with in Marseille and Aix was very nice and helpful!

Penny said...

Rachael - I remember those reports! Maybe you could do a study on the probability of a teenager cleaning their room or something like that!

Megan - I'm sure that will be what happens to me too :)

Sara said...

i had a similar wait time (i think it was 11 months when all was said and done) but then was surprised with a 10 year card instead of a 1 year! (which at that point had 9 years left on it).
I will keep my fingers crossed for you to get lucky too!