Sunday, 28 October 2007

Au Marché

The end of daylight saving time here meant an extra hour to fill-in enjoy today. By 9am I was ready for a break so I took off to the markets - on my own! There are fresh produce markets three times a week in the vielle ville and once a week about five minutes in the other direction from our house. We are definitely spoiled. But I haven't been getting there as often lately as early mornings are the best time to go and, of course, its pretty cold then.

But today I set off alone, with only my trusty IKEA shopping trolley for company. I love it when I get the chance to walk through town alone and really appreciate how beautiful Annecy is. Its sometimes hard to do that with the kids in tow.

I returned home refreshed (have I mentioned that I went ALONE?)and with supplies to keep us going for the next few meals - well, apart from milk. You can buy just about everything here on a Sunday but there is no shop open to buy milk - which means I always have to stop up on Saturdays. So here is some of what I got.

We ate the chicken for lunch, roasted with a leek and parsley stuffing (I am a bit obsessed with leeks at the moment). I boiled the carcass up this afternoon to make some stock and will probably make a chicken soup for dinner tomorrow night. And check out the gorgeous purple beans in the photo (make sure you click to enlarge it). It took me a good half hour of googling to find out they are Scarlet Runner Beans. I have no idea what I am going to do with them (apart from soak them overnight before I cook them) but they looked so pretty I just had to buy some from the lady selling the eggs.


guera said...

Yum, leeks! I love them and its one of the things that are hard to find here. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the purple beans. (Can you tell I'm food obsessed?)

Rosebank Magic said...

I have finally been able to catch up on some of your blog - I feel as though I have been quite deprived. Just got back to Ant's from the hospital - big day tomorrow! I'll phone you as soon as we have some results. Love M & D

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this blog by accident. I like it a lot, it is very well done. I am starting a blog myself and, if you don't mind, I have a quick question.

How did you manage to change the color of the very top bar in blogger. I looks a lot better when it isn't blue!

Penny said...

Guera - the beans are soaking tonight - I still dont know how I'm going to cook them tomorrow - I'll just be winging it :)

Anonymous - just go to customize and you will see the navbar there. If you click on edit you can choose from 4 colours :)

Rosebank magic said...

I'm not sure these are scarlet runner beans, all the SRB that I have seen in the UK are green but the scarlet comes fronm their red flowers. There is a purpke variety called Royal Burgundy. Check out or just google Purple Burgundy. I also have some purple beans listed in my heritage seeds book (which is at home) so if you are still searching for info I'll look it up when I get back. Do you know that all fresh beans are cooked the same way and they'll almost always change colour to green? So the kids won't know the difference.

Penny said...

No, I am pretty sure they are, Mum. I found a photo of them online. They are the scarlet runner bean - a green bean with a red flower with these purpley seeds. They are definitely not the Royal Burgundy


Tigue said...

Going to the store alone. I have only been brave enough to do that once. I told myself "sure I can do it, I'll reward myself with a treat" Then I arrived and saw that the ATM machine was broke and didn't have enough cash to buy one. Someday....when cows fly! (that's about how long it will take me to learn French)