Friday, 19 October 2007

Another trip to the hospital

Its a good thing we'd already had Jasper's hip checked as at least we knew where to go when he woke up with a croup-like barking cough and noisy breathing last night. The one problem with our car free lifestyle was glaringly apparent. He wasnt anywhere near sick enough to call an ambulance and I didnt fancy walking there in the cold. But I refuse to take any chances with his breathing after a brush with RSV at 5 months old that had him in hospital for 3 days. So after a quick call to a friend with a car, Jasper and I were on our way to urgences. David stayed home with Lily who was asleep.

Luckily there was no one else waiting and we were quickly seen by a nurse. Poor Jasper had to suffer through getting completely undressed and examined but at least it meant they heard how bad his cough and breathing sounded. After a little wait, we saw a very nice female doctor. They were both very patient with my french (which must be improving as I never could have taken him alone 5 months ago!) Fortunately, although he sounded bad, all his oxygen levels were ok and we were allowed home with some médicament and a diagnosis of laryngite. It still sounded like croup to me last night but today it is more like laryngitis. My normally very loud boy is operating at about one quarter of his normal volume. Distressing though it is to see, it certainly makes a change from his normal screaming!

urgences - emergency
médicament - medication
laryngite - laryngitis


Destination Metz said...

poor jasper! he's having a bad run at the moment.

guera said...

Poor little thing! There's nothing worse than being at Emergency with a sick child. Glad to hear its not too serious. You must be doing well with your French to cope with that alone - well done!

Miles Away In France said...

I am please to hear that Jasper is ok.

My blog is back up and running, yippee!

Racheal x

Emily said...

What a scary experience, but I'm glad he's okay.

The Late Bloomer said...

I'm so glad they took good care of Jasper, and I hope he's feeling better now!

Milie said...

I guess that was stressfull for him and you. Poor Jasper. Hope he's doing better now ;-0