Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Well, that's news!

I had a great post all ready to write about the sort of news we get in our local paper here, such as "The wolf attacks a cow". But, then, by way of comparison, I went to have a look at the Courier Mail to see what was happening in Queensland today. And I got completely side-tracked by the news that Peter Beattie has resigned. Now, despite his many faults, I am a bit of a Beattie fan - I mean he lives in New Farm, after all. So it makes me not too unhappy to have left Queensland for now, especially knowing that in a few days Anna Bligh will be in charge - egads! That's a lot more shocking that the first wolf-cow attack in 15 years.


Destination Metz said...

Beattie resigned! Nooooo! First Bracks, now Beattie. They were both such charasmatic leaders! I think Labor will win federally but the states will become lib again... I loved Beattie's media commentaries, especially with the 'scandal' about Rudd's visit to the strip club.

Rose said...

Wolf and cow, huh?

I sure wish that is all anyone had to think about on September 11.