Wednesday, 12 September 2007


My parents discovered today one of the hazards of having a daughter in a different time-zone. While they were tucked up safe in bed on the east coast of Australia, I was standing at my computer reading online updates about the earthquake off Sumatra and the speculation that a tsunami may have been generated.

Once I found a tsunami warning had been issued for much of the coast of Western Australia, I started thinking about my grandmother, living on her own, in a town on the coast. But, surely one of the family would keep an eye on things, I thought. And my brother and his family? Well, they didn't live right on the coast, did they? But what about my nephew, who'd recently left the nest? Where was he? What if everyone in my family had decided to have an early night? Thoughts of the devastation suffered after the tsunami in 2004 swam in my head. And at the risk of totally over-reacting I decided to ring my parents. I mean, after all, at the time I rang, the warning was telling people to identify a safe area on higher ground! My rather sleepy stepfather took my garbled alert in his stride!

I'm sure it will turn out to be little more than a 1 metre swell by the time it hits the coast in an hour or two, but, in keeping with my personal motto, "better safe than sorry!" So to my parents, I hope you got back to sleep and when you read this in the morning in a sleep-deprived state, please remember I had everyone's best interests at heart!


Miles Away In France said...

Hi I just popped in to catch up on your posts and to say hello.
Racheal x

Rosebank Magic said...

I understand your concern, I would have reacted in the same way especially given the area that was covered by the warning. But both Gran and Anthony live well above sea level so would have been out of harms way unless they were down on the beach at night. We did go back to sleep but woke early to immediate thoughts of tsunamis. Fortunately this earthquake appears not to have been of the magnitude of the big one a few years ago.

guera said...

Hi Penny, I just discovered your blog and have spent a few hours reading about all your adventures. I had to drag myself away to cook the dinner! I am an Aussie mum of 2 living in Mexico and going through so many of the same experiences as you. My daughters are 4 and 8 months and we have been through the excitement and challenge of learning Spanish, finding a place to live, starting pre-school, government red-tape for residency permits and all the "little things" that are so much harder to do in a new language with new systems. I'm amazed at how much we have in common - I even used to be lawyer in a "former life" before leaving that soul-destroying industry, plus my oldest daughter was born with clubfeet and clicky hips. Her hips didn't require surgery but her feet did and she spent some time in plaster casts and splints as a baby. I wish the place we lived was as picturesque as your new home - we lived in La Plagne in the French Alps for a ski season and I would love to go back to France. I look forward to reading your blog - if you're interested have a look at It is very new, so I don't have lots of post there yet, but I am planning to blog more on expat life, kids and whatever else is on my mind at the time!

Space Mom said...

I agree with you. Better safe than sorry!

mimi said...

You had a freak out. Good on ya!
Since I only seem to catch up on the news a few days later I miss the freak outs. Knowledge is sometimes stressfull. Had a nice goodbye BBQ with work. Heaps of kids, would have been great for your smoggins.