Friday, 14 September 2007

A trip to le médecin

I had a great visit with my doctor today. Well, actually I couldn't get the prescription I wanted but I still count it as a success as I went alone and was able to converse well with the doctor. So far, I've been really happy with her. And its not her fault that I cant get my asthma medication in France. They just dont sell it except to be used with a nebulizer and that's taking it a bit far, seeing as I only have very mild asthma, which I suspect is really just an allergy to our beloved cat.

It seems in France, they hit asthma with the big guns straight away - the steroids. I'm not interested in taking a steroid for my asthma. Been there, done that! It took me 9 months of a wheat/dairy free diet, chinese medicine and acupuncture to wean myself off steroids and onto Intal Forte, a mild non-steroidal asthma preventative that I now cant buy!

So I left the doctors with a prescription for ventolin if I get into trouble and for a steroid if I get into more trouble and a warning to return if my symptoms (which are currently almost non-existant) worsen. And I headed straight for the computer and looked for online pharmacies. The problem is Intal is an old drug and although it suits me well, its been largely superceded by the many new asthma treatments. So, I found many online pharmacies willing to send me drugs to treat impotence, weight gain or hair-loss, but none that supplied Intal. I gave up for now, when, after entering it on a very large UK pharmacy site (which I thought would surely have it), I got a response that there were 0 matches returned and did I mean "anal?". Nope.

Hmmm, going to have to think laterally about this one...


Rosebank Magic said...

Can I get it for you here?

Rosebank Magic said...

A thought - if you go to a woman doctor (not a women's doctor) is she le medicin or la medicin?

Milie said...

Well done Penny for the visit with your doctor!
You'll see that people take a lot of "medicaments" in France (as it doesn't cost anything to them in general, but it actually does as they pay for Securite Sociale debt through income taxes...).
Hope you cope well with the end of summer (ready for scarf and coat?). You'll see that houses and building are well insulated, that helps a lot!

Penny said...

Yep, thinking about that Mum - will let you know. And no, its always "le médecin, as far as I know!

Milie - I think I'm ready - I'll tell you in January :)

Destination Metz said...

I'm an asthmatic as well, I had no idea they didn't sell a lot of products for it here. I took a lot of medication with me, now I'm glad I did. Do you know if seretide is available? I was on it in Australia and it was fantastic for my asthma but then my mean doctor took me off it because she thought it was too powerful for me, now my asthma's come back a bit:(

Penny said...

D Metz - I dont think you'll have a problem finding Seretide here. It seems to be a very common asthma medication whereas the one I'm after is not so popular anymore, even in Australia. Doctors here seem pretty happy to prescribe things so you shouldnt have trouble getting an "ordanance"


Miles Away In France said...

Hi, well done on the visit to the doctor, you did well.
I take a painkiller for migraines that they don't have in France, so whenever anyone visits from the UK I ask them to bring some, along with Tea bags of course.

My son also has practically non existent asthma but is very allergic to mould spores he has been hospitalised twice with an asthma attack but now we know the cause we can avoid it, a trip to the doctors was a bit tricky explaining that he has asthma but does so well in a check up, lung capacity etc.

Just a little word of advice beware of online pharmacy's you never know if it is the genuine article.
Take care
Racheal x