Monday, 17 September 2007

A tale of two doudous

I find it rather funny that Lily, who never showed the slightest interest in a blankie and never had a dummy or even a bottle, now has at least two doudous.

Doudous have been a big topic of conversation since we arrived. It didn't take us long to realize that no self respecting french baby, toddler or pre-schooler left home without one. They are everywhere. We even went to a spectacle the other day for kids and the whole thing was about doudous! Not long ago, Lily picked out her doudou from the dozens of stuffed toys we have - its a rabbit hand-puppet with a carrot attached that was given to Jasper last Christmas. From time to time, she'll pick something out for Jasper too.

So it should be no surprise that last week she announced she was taking her doudou to school. The kids are allowed to have them for their naps or if they get upset, otherwise they stay in the boite des doudous. Now, despite what she says, I'm pretty sure Lily doesn't actually sleep during the nap-time as she is still out like a light at 7pm. So, maybe her doudou gives her something to play with while she's supposed to be asleep. More likely, she wants one because all the others have them and that's fine with me. The teacher says sometime throughout the year, they all stop using them.

And the second doudou? Well, because she packs the rabbit in her sac à dos each night, ready to take to school in the morning, she usually picks out another to take to bed with her at night. It changes frequently and is often forgotten completely, which hardly matters considering she still ends up sleeping about a third of the night at the bottom of our bed. This too shall pass!

So, because its one of my favourite photos, here's a pic of the doudou in question, taken on Christmas day at my parent's farm last year.

doudous - comfort objects, blankies etc
spectacle - performance
boite des doudous - doudou box!
sac à dos - backpack


French for a While said...

Thanks for leaving a note over at French for a While. Sounds like we're in a bit of the same boat -- we've only just arrived 4 weeks ago, three kids in tow no less!!

Penny said...

Yep, I'm always interested to see how others with kids cope :)

Caroline in Rome said...

The Bambina has a simple white muslin, the most common French doudou of all. She is three years old (just started the petite section of at a French maternelle!) and no sign of giving up the doudou yet!