Thursday, 6 September 2007

A school update

First, thanks for all the lovely comments about Lily's first day. I know, I must sound like the most overly child-centred parent but settling Lily into school is one of the most important factors of our life here.

So, today was her first full day there. She went morning and afternoon and came home for lunch. I dropped her at the inside door of the school and she walked to her classroom alone (yes, I know, its only about 5 metres away but she's FOUR, for Pete's sake!). I've realized now why when we arrived here, I would see kids eating on their way home from school. She was really hungry both times I picked her up. The first time, she was so grumpy, I thought something had happened and braced myself for tears but after a big bowl of soup (with barley), she was much better. They have a small morning tea but no afternoon tea and although I was aware of this she was hungrier than I'd expected.

So our new pickup routine is collect her, ply her with food, ask no questions other than "was it ok?" so as not to annoy her and then wait for the details. Amongst other things today, she played with two girls outside throwing grass in the drain to make "pudding-pie" and she learnt a song about a butterfly that disappeared. She's still keen to go tomorrow, so I'm happy!


Rose said...

Wait a they keep them all day with no food?
I am confused...:/

Penny said...

he he no Rose! They start at 830am and have a snack at 9am. Then they come home for lunch at 1130. Its in the afternoon session between 130 and 430 that there is no snack - a bit too long IMO - especially for Lily, she has a really fast metabolism!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan!

I am so glad to hear things are going so well - you know, this is really huge and you are both doing so well!!

Emily said...

3 hours and no snack?! That's wrong. Can one send their child with a snack? Will the prof allow that?

Penny said...

Emily, I asked another mother if you could send a snack along to eat. If I understood her correctly (which is questionable!), she said they can in the elementary school but not Maternelle. I'm just cooking really big lunches - its helping us eat more in the french way - big lunch, small dinner.


Milie said...

Bonjour Penny,
French kids do have big lunches, light dinners, and snacks after school (at home) to give them energy and wait for dinner (around 7:30pm).
That was a bit hard for me to adapt to early australian dinners! But I really enjoy this new life!
P.S: Thanks for stopping by my blog ;-) Your french is good! Bravo Penny !