Saturday, 15 September 2007

Parent/teacher morning

David went along to a meeting at school this morning. Luckily, another mum had warned me he'd be a while, as he didnt come back for almost 3 hours! First,there was a big meeting with the Directrice, all the teachers and the parents and then he got to go into Lily's class with her teacher for more talk and to have a look around. It sounded really interesting and I was sorry to miss it, but no kids were allowed and I'm just not ready to leave Jasper yet.

The Directrice is new in the position and a number of the teachers (including Lily's) are new to the school but they seem to have things well in hand. School life sounds very well-organized here and full of routine but Lily seems to be thriving on it. Her teacher wasn't sure that she is understanding everything said to her (as Lily says to us) but its certainly not caused any problems. She says Lily will often ask her questions. And I was so proud to hear that, when the teacher asked for a volunteer to come out the front and point out the letter T, Lily had done so. She pointed out a T in one of her little friend's names and said it made a "tuh tuh" sound. So, ok they say "té" not "tuh" here but I was impressed that she was confident enough to do the 2nd week of a new another only 4 years old...can you tell I am proud?!

Lily's class is a mix of petit and moyenne, so this gives the teacher a wide age group to accomodate (from 2 3/4 to 4 3/4) but I think mixed classes are great. And her teacher is caring and approachable - just what she needs right now.


Guera said...

You have good reason to be proud - it's a big adjustment and it sounds like Lily is coping well with it. It's so amazing how quickly they pick up the language at that age, and they are not nearly as self-conscious as we are about making mistakes and sounding stupid. Guerita is pretty much fluent in Spanish after one year of living here and going to school - she has well and truly overtaken us!

Penny said...

Ah, its so easy for them, isnt it!


Piero P Giorgi said...

I am wondering how quickly Lily will introduce new French variations in her school. Why not tuh-tuh instead of té-té?
An even prouder nonno

Miles Away In France said...

Ah, it sounds like little Lily is taking it all in her stride.
You really deserve to feel proud.
Racheal x