Friday, 21 September 2007

A little bit of feedback

When David went to pick Lily up at lunch today, her teacher remarked that Lily is speaking very well. Not bad for only her third week of school. It still amazes me that although she's a bit tired by the long hours she happily goes off there twice a day. This afternoon, she took with her a book for the teacher to read. It was her suggestion - apparently the other kids are bringing along books so she did too. And she could talk all day and night about the names of the kids in the class - and she's forever correcting how I pronounce them!

And Jasper, well, he has a tummy bug. Here's hoping for a better nights sleep for us all tonight *yawn*.


Milie said...

Bravo a Lilly ! C'est super ! Bon j'ai decide de t'ecrire en francais aujourd'hui, mais sans les accents , desolee !
J'ai compris ce que faisait ton mari aujourd'hui en cliquant sur ton lien "Expat France". Super ce site pour les expats anglophones ! Bravo David !
Bon week-end a vous quatre (pas trop froid j'espere), ici beaucoup de vent frais aujourd'hui, et mon cheri est en France depuis une semaine :-(
Amities, Milie

Destination Metz said...

That's great, your kids will be able to improve your French! Poor Jasper, I hope he feels better :(

French for a While said...
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French for a While said...

Terrific! Have you had the parent-teacher conference yet? We did on Friday. Kind of tricky since the teacher doesn't speak English and we don't speak French. But it was kind of fun -- and great to hear how well kids can progress in very new environments. I wish adults could adapt as well.

Penny said...

Merci Milie pour écrit en français! Je doit practiquer plus :)

FFAW - we did have our parent teacher morning (it took almost 3 hours) but I sent David :)