Sunday, 9 September 2007

Le patinage sur glace

Its getting colder here. The outdoor swimming pool has closed and the patinoire has reopened. We went there today for the first time. There is a kid's session on Sunday mornings. Its well organized (of course!), with little chairs to push kids around on or for them to skate behind to steady themselves. I think I've only ever gone ice-skating once before so I wasnt feeling too steady at first - those little chairs came in handy! David carried Jasper around on the ice, like a pro!

And Lily, well, she did really well for her first time.

She started off just holding onto the wall and shuffling. Then she sat on a chair and we pushed her around. After a bit, she was confident enough to stand behind the chair and push along, if one of us supported her. And by the time we left, she was pushing the chair along herself, saying "dont hold me" in french.

I can see that, in years to come, its going to be a really fun family activity. Actually, I think its somewhere I might like to escape to on my own, from time to time, too!


Destination Metz said...

Looks like fun! I've never been ice skating in my life, as you would know I guess rinks in Australia are usually just for roller skating!

Penny said...

Its great fun and of course, coming from Brisbane,the cold is such a novelty. They usually have an open air rink at Christmas in Annecy but I'm not sure they're having it this year. I'll have to search one out when we go skiing :)

Rosebank Magic said...

Its look good fun, but only for those who have good balancing skills. I can see myself spending more time sitting on the ice than skating on it. You will have Lily and Jasper skating in no time at all.
Getting colder - I will have to knit faster. I am stitching up Lily's next jumper and have started on the third (and last at this stage) for her. Then I will get back to Jasper's.
Its amazing that you were swimming only a few weeks ago.

mimi said...

Those chairs are so cool, can I use one too?