Friday, 7 September 2007

Getting out and about

Its been such a big week here. I think having school in our lives will make us much more sociable. We go there four times a day so there are lots of opportunities to chat to parents. This morning Lily pointed out one of her little friends so I went and spoke to the mum while the girls said hello. The mum told me her daughter had come home talking about Lily at school. That really warmed my heart!

After dropping Lily at school, David, Jasper and I wandered into the vielle ville to go to the markets, stopping to chat with an english woman who lives nearby, my french friend and the lady who runs the italian food shop. Its really nice to go out and run into people you know.

And last night I went to my first Tricot Thé Annecy meeting - a knitting group. I took with me, a scarf that I have started knitting for Lily, but I actually didnt do any knitting as I had Jasper in the sling. It was just great to get out and have a chat, and to practice a bit of french too.


Emily said...

It was great having you and Jasper with us last night. I hope you'll continue joining us. I too didn't knit as I was too afraid of screwing up and not in the mood to "frog" it again.

See you next week! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, It sounds like you are coping so well with your move. I'm in awe when I read your blog! I'm an Aussie married to a French man and I find it so interesting to read about your adventures to learn a little bit about the differences between French and Australian life.
I also like your strategy of alternating a french book with an english one, I think it's something I should impose on myself if I am ever going to learn my husband's native tounge.

Destination Metz said...

That's great you're meeting a lot of new people, I think that's the key really, to adapting totally to a new place is having the courage to meet people and make friends. I'm looking forward to getting out more and meeting some french people outside of Christophe's social network, they are great people also but I think it's important to meet some people on my own I think. Sounds like you're doing swell!

Penny said...

Thanks Emily - see you next week :)

Anonymous - thanks for your comment :). I'm curious - are you living in Australia? I found it hard to make myself speak french with David there. I just couldn't get motivated :)

And D. Metz - making friends is helping me so much. I'm always envious of women like you who come to live here with your french amis as at least you have a social network set up, although I realize its important to make your own friends too. Having kids helps a lot! I'm sure once you start work, you'll find things much easier :)