Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Breaking my own rule

I finally finished the book I was reading in french. I even learned how to renew library books, in person and on-line! Next I read "French women dont get fat". Lots of people have reviewed this book better than I could do, so I'll just say I enjoyed it and although I'm sure many french women do struggle with their weight, there is a lot of truth in what she says. In Australia we are obsessed with "lite", "low-fat" and "diet" products and then eat way too much of everything, not recognizing that portion control is so important. (Can you tell, that in those relaxing years in between being a criminal lawyer and becoming a mum, one of my many jobs was as a Jenny Craig consultant? Yes, you can laugh...its ok...I did too, but I also learned a lot about weightloss). In France it seems to me, people eat the good stuff, but they dont eat as much of it as many Australians would do. For a weight loss and maintenance book, I think it has some good ideas and it was interesting to hear a bit about her french childhood.

So next up I was planning to read another american thriller translated into french that I picked up at a church fête for only a few euros. But seeing that I polished off "French Women" in only a couple of days, I just wasn't ready to embark on another long french book. So I got "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith from the library. I mean I know I was going to read one french book and then one english, but non-fiction doesnt really count, does it?


Destination Metz said...

That's interesting you were a jenny craig consultant! Maybe I can get some advice from you.

I read that book as well but found it impossible to follow in the Australian context because it can be pretty difficult to find fresh products. To follow her instructions one needs a big budget and a lot of time on their hands, whereas here it's just natural. I've only been here three and a half week and I'm already losing a bit of weight. The problem for me though, is that I need to cut back on beer and cheese, I'm having way too much of both!

I also enjoyed the part about her childhood and her exchange trip. I would have liked to know more actually.

Penny said...

DM - Isnt it funny that your eating habits have changed here too? We eat quite differently. We eat a lot less takeaway food - firstly because we no longer live next to Chinatown and also as we have less disposable income. With no car, we shop much more frequently and for fresher produce. And with Lily at school, I try to make lunch our main meal of the day so she makes it through the afternoon.

As for cheese - no, I still pig out on that too!

French for a While said...

I bought the book for my wife over a year ago and she loved it. Have you read other books by the same author?

The Late Bloomer said...

I agree with you, Penny: I've had pretty much the same changes in my eating habits, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I've been trying to prepare our own weekly menus, limiting myself to a grocery budget and not spending as much, because we definitely don't have as much disposable income either. Plus, I buy more fresh fruit and veggies at the market down the street on Saturday mornings. And I really do my best to steer away from junk food, although I do find myself eating some salty stuff from time to time. Overall, my eating habits are definitely better here, but I've gained weight recently mainly because I have a terrible weakness for saucisson sec, salted butter and red wine! Yikes.

Oh, and on the reading -- I've been trying to do the same: read one French book, then one English. But I've strayed away from this habit from time to time too. White Teeth is a good read -- but I liked On Beauty even better!

Penny said...

French for a while - I havent read anything else by her but I would like to read her next book "French Women for All Seasons". She's a really entertaining author

Late Bloomer - I dont drink much wine at the moment but I'm pretty fond of chacuterie! My main weaknesses lately are chocolate and viennoiseries :)