Thursday, 16 August 2007

Three months already!

Or so I happily announced to David this morning. "Three months, it feels like three years" he shot back. Hmm, someone has left the honeymoon phase, haven't they? I remember reading there are 4 phases that expats go thought while dealing with the culture shock of moving to a new country. I know the honeymoon phase is the first. I really must look the others up - it seems that David has moved on! I'm still feeling pretty good. Though that may be, because I took two hours off for myself today, in light of how I was feeling yesterday. I escaped to the vielle ville for gaufres* and a chocolat chaud. I feel positively recharged!

*gaufres - waffles


Miles Away In France said...

I would like to know what the other 3 phases are also.
It will be interesting to see whether I have been or am going through them.
Racheal x

Penny said...

Hi Racheal

Here's a link I found

Seem like the stages are

1 honeymoon phase
2 rejection phase
3 regression phase
4 recovery phase

Which would you say you are in now?


Miles Away In France said...

Thanks for the link, I have read it quickly and excitedly and feel really reassured by it.
I would say that the honeymoon phase lasted about 14 months for us.
Then we hit the rejection phase with rapidly moved into the regression phase.
For about 3 months we convinced ourselves that england wasn't all that bad and we wanted the familiarity of it again.

But now we are in the fourth stage for definite.
We feel comfortable here and it feels like home to us.
I think I will write a post on the subject on my blog.
Thanks again.

Destination Metz said...

Thanks for the lik to the article, how interesting! I'm not looking forward to the rejection/regression phase. I think a contingency plan is definetley in order for when that strikes. Possibly taking a trip to Paris and standing underneath the Eiffel Tower might be a good plan to resurrect that magical feeling about France! But a proper hot chocolate sounds just as good!

mimi said...

Hello People! I could almost taste the chocolate. Went up Mt Barney for a rememberance mass and whilst climbing up a tricky area ( I really got the heebie jeebies) I thought they might have to remember an extra person. Well I behaved quite well at the mass, not being catholic and all. The old priest came up the normal route and beat us up ( 3.5 hrs. Papers sent to you thursday.
Was pushing Ben's new little Isaac around Centenery in the pram, I hope I didn't give him whiplash, pretty bumpy.
Hugs to the smoggins. SOOOOOOOOOO proud of Jasper's first steps, had to tell lots of mildly interested people, so exciting to see the video clip, though I accidentally hit a button at the bottom and had trouble turning off some random strangers baby clip!

Penny said...

Racheal - that sounds like a long honeymoon phase. I wonder when its all going to hit me? I'm glad to hear that France feels like home for you. I dont think expat life suits everyone :)