Friday, 3 August 2007


After a quick and relatively painless trip to Geneva, David and Lily returned home last night with the Puds. She looks great and has settled in well to her new home. You would never think she had travelled such a long way to get here. We were really happy with the service provided by Doolittles who looked after Puddy for all those weeks and Dogtainers who took care of her travel arrangements for us.

Lily and David even got to see some of the sights of Geneva from the bus

At the freight section

Coming home

One happy cat!


Space Mom said...

Welcome home Puddy!

Jennie said...

Awww she's cute! I wish I had a cat...

I'm glad everything was fine in her travels here!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see "Puddy" safe and sound with her family, we loved having her here with us at Dolittles Pet Retreat, I will miss her, please give her a hug from me!
Anita Hanel
Manager at
Dolittles Pet Retreat.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Puddy is there safe and sound!

Did I ever tell you that we have called a cat character after her? I'm really going on the playbook now - trying to get it ready for publication in 08 - but after that, and when Megan is no longer working like a dog - we'll be back to Puddy and Otto! The ABC has also expressed strong interest in that series...mind you, at the rate we are going they'll be just published in time for Lily to read in her early teens!


Penny said...

Anita ~ thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Puddy. She really looks in excellent condition. I have given her a big cuddle from you :)

And Jo ~ cant wait to read both of those books :)

Camille Stephenson said...

Dear Puddy
So glad to hear that you & your family arrived safely o/s. And may I say,,,,,girl, you are lookin' good!!!!! I only hope I look as good as you when I reach your years!? (Well, maybe not with as much facial or body hair? :-))
I am sure you will spend many more years sojourning by a fireplace (instead of an air con unit in Brissie in Summer!!!). A much more dignified way to sojourn.
Just in case your parents haven't told you about other more exciting things to do/hobbies/sports now that you live in a place that has SNOW in Winter (such fun), may I suggest such venerable & trendy ones such as slalom, tobogganing and of course the luge. I'm sure you'd be a star. But please at least wear safety gear so you don't stress David, Penny, Lily and Jasper too much. And make sure you wear mittens for kittens!
Have fun! Regards from your previous doctor,,,,,,,,,,Camille from Teneriffe Vet Surgery in Brisbane

Puddy said...

Hi Camille

Will send you a photo of my first ski lesson

ciao miao

Puddy :)