Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Rainy day

I got up this morning and almost didnt go running. But it wasnt quite raining so I hauled myself out there and was glad I did. I've found my running route - its different to the way David goes. I run across the Pont des Amours (pictured above), around the Jardins de l'Europe (a beautiful cool place to sit on a hot afternoon) and follow the piste cyclable towards Sevrier. I can now make it just to the first corner where you leave Annecy and I hope to continue on until I can run all the way to Sevrier and back (about 10 kms). I love this run as when I turn to come back, Annecy is laid out before me in all its glory - lake, castle, old town, boats, gardens, pâquier, Préfecture and if you squint to the right of the Bonlieu, you can almost see our own home. I was feeling so good on the return run I vowed to inscrire in the 10km run in October (thanks Justine for the kick up the butt!). But I got sidetracked after I received a phone call from my new potential french friend and we all went to the park instead. Maybe I'll sign up tomorrow...

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Kate said...

Love the new look blog - it has a certain French feel to it!!

Love the idea of the kids being capable of bilingual tantrums - Lily's French sounds like it's coming along in leaps and bounds.

Cuddles and kisses to all

Chat soon