Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Pain perdu

What do the french call french toast? Why, pain perdu, of course. I remember hearing that term in New Orleans but I assumed it was called "lost bread" because the bread got lost in the egg when you dipped it in. But no, according to the experts, pain perdu is so-called as its a way of reclaiming the stale, lost bread. Whatever the reason, it sure tastes yummy, especially how we have it - sprinkled with cinnamon and drowning in maple syrup. Since, finally introducing Jasper to eggs, we've been enjoying lots of yummy things again- scrambled eggs, pain perdu and quiche. Now dont get me started on the quiches here. They are beyond delicious.

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Rosebank Magic said...

It's breakfast time here. I'm just about to make up my jug of juice and then I open up and see this!!!! It's not fair, if I had that for breakfast my arteries would seize up. Looks sooooo yummy!